3 On-Trend Accessories You Need For The Summer

3 On-Trend Accessories You Need For The Summer

With summer just around the corner, it is time to get excited about your accessories for the season ahead. If there’s ever a time to be bold with your fashion choices, it’s summer! The list of potential accessories is endless, however we’re going to be introducing three on-trend accessories that will go with every outfit to keep you looking great and feeling amazing. 

Miniature Cross Body Bags

During the summer, we don’t want to be carrying around huge bags that are heavy and an inconvenience. All we need is a little bag to hold our phone, lipstick and perhaps a travel sized bottle of SPF. So, miniature cross body bags make the perfect solution, as they are compact but also look amazing! 

You can either opt for a more simple black, white or tan bag, or really go all out with a bold colour that will be the statement of your outfit. Perhaps treat yourself to one more simple bag and then one more colourful one to give yourself plenty of options when it comes to choosing your outfit. 

These bags go with any outfit, from your luxury tracksuits to night outfits! If you have opted for a colourful miniature cross body bag, it will look particularly amazing with a simple white dress and trainers. You will look effortlessly stylish and you will turn heads for all the right reasons. 

Statement Headband

If you think your outfit looks slightly bland, adding a statement headband can completely transform how it looks. Not only this, but they are also very convenient as they can keep your hair firmly out of your face on warm days. It’s a win win! 

Your options when it comes to statement headbands are endless. You could go for a simple satin material in a bright colour to match your miniature cross body bag, or perhaps go for an emerald band with beautiful pearl embellishments. If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a double banded gold headband and statement gold earrings. 

Many people believe they don’t suit headbands, however it is more likely that you haven’t yet found the right style of headband for you. This summer, try something new with a few different headbands and you might just find your new favourite accessory! 

White Frame Sunglasses

Whilst many people love classic brown or black sunglasses, this summer white frame sunglasses are extremely on trend. White accessories go with any outfit, so you could wear the brightest dress in the world and tone it down slightly with white trainers and your white frame sunglasses. This is the ultimate style statement! Also, white sunglasses go great with any swimwear. If you are going for a more bright pool party outfit from a womens boutique clothing store, simple white sunglasses would look amazing. 

Everyone suits different styles of frames, although larger frames look particularly good in white. Like with the headbands, try a few different styles to get a feel for what suits you and don’t be afraid to go for something out of your comfort zone if you love how they look. 


Don’t be afraid to take a risk this summer when it comes to your accessories. Miniature cross body bags, statement headbands and white frame sunglasses can all bring an outfit to life, so are the three most important accessories to have in your wardrobe this year!