Why Bicycling Is Becoming So Popular

Cycling has many benefits, and these are mostly those which include improving your health and happiness. And you will see that most cyclists are usually calm and content people. So, whether it’s to boost your fitness, health, or as an environmental choice, the simple taking up of bicycle riding could be one of the best choices you ever make. If you don’t think so, let’s have a look at some other benefits that you will get from cycling.

You’ll get where you want to be faster

If you commute by bicycle in cities in the UK’s, you’ll get there in half the time of a car. You may have seen cyclists whizzing past you as you slowly advanced in a car. They are not only getting from A to B faster, but getting up later, and spending more time in bed! This also applies to bike-friendly or less congested cities overseas, as you’ll still usually get around a city center faster riding a bicycle.

Why Bicycling Is Becoming So Popular

Sleep, deep sleep

An early morning commute or ride may tire you a bit in the short term, but it will definitely help you to catch some sound quality sleep when you lay down at night. Cycling will help you to get your circadian rhythm back in harmony, plus rid your body of cortisol, that awful stress hormone that prevents deep, regenerative sleep.

Great way to take a holiday

The positive benefits of taking cycle holidays in the UK go beyond the great exercise you will get. If you have ever wanted to learn more about an area that you’ve chosen to holiday in, a bicycle vacation will definitely satisfy that curiosity in a way that no other mode of transportation can. On a cycle, you’re likely to notice places that you would have otherwise overlooked, plus, if you see somewhere that you want to stop and have a closer look, it’s so much easier than in a car, as you may have driven on by the time you realise what you’re passing, if you ever saw it at all.

You’ll feel and look younger

Regular cycling will increase circulation and deliver oxygen and nutrients to skin cells more efficiently, and at the same time flush harmful toxins out. It also makes an ideal environment within your body to improve collagen production, which then goes on to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fastens up the healing process.

Beat Sickness

Is bicycling good for you? Well, by simply reading the above, you would have to say a great big yes! Forget the apple a day, bicycling is the best way to keep the doctor at bay. Even if you’re doing just a little bit of cycling, that moderate exercise will make immune cells more active, thus they’re ready to fight off infection.

So when somebody says to you ‘on your bike’ just laugh at them and reply ‘with pleasure’! Stay upright!