Why Are Sculptures In India Ideal For Décor?

India is a land of culture and a lot of the interpretation of the culture takes place in whatever we are doing, same goes for the décor. Our home is an extension of our style. So whatever our style maybe our home will be decorated in a similar style if not the same way.

Sculptures in India have been an important part of our culture whether they are the Elephants caves or the Ajanta & Ellora caves in Maharashtra. They define how our culture has evolved over the years. These sculptures are not just part of the Indian heritage but part of the world heritage. They have been existence since the beginning of the civilization. Some of the well known sculptures are from India, Africa, China, South America, etc. They are well known sculptures as they are survived the centuries. Sculptures are part of the visual arts and are made to express creativity in the more explicit way. They are generally made up of stone, metal, wood, clay but over time they are made of mixing up of different materials. Earlier the sculptures were mostly huge and they weren’t even made for aesthetic purpose of interior décor. Until recently most of the sculptures were made for religious purposes and now they are being made for decorative purpose as well. The earliest possible use of sculptures was for religious purposes. However, over the period of time these sculptures have taken the role for decoration as well. These sculptures are made up of variety of material and depending on the material they are made of their usage are defined. The material used for sculptures have varied over the centuries.

Why Are Sculptures In India Ideal For Décor?

The most primitive sculptures were made up of stone and were used to depict the day to day life. These stone sculptures have survived over hundreds of year. The next most common material used for sculptures is metal. They were made by the process of casting. Some of the most frequently used metals were bronze, copper alloy, iron, etc. Recently even glass is also used to make sculptures. These glass ones make for really pretty sculptures. Ceramic sculptures have been in existence as long as the stone ones. They have lot versatility in terms of design. Wooden sculpture does not last long as nature take its toll. So not a lot is known about their designs.

Terracotta sculptures are generally placed outside to give warmth to the place. While the glass and the metallic sculptures are usually placed in the interiors so as to give the room a more sophisticated feel.

Sculptures in India are not only for aesthetic purposes but to represent the diversity of the country. Sculptures these days are not made for religious purpose only, they are also made keeping the modern man in mind. Most of the designs that are made have some kind of cultural significance. However, with changing time the contemporary designs are also taking over. Interior decorators have a variety of sculptures to choose from. Based on the material and the design of sculpture they are placed to enhance the beauty of your home. These sculptures not only form a part of Indian culture but also are a part of the religious sentiments of the people.