What Corporate Events Can You Host In A Seminar Room?

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Corporate events bring the spirit of oneness and teamwork among the employees. The importance of corporate events has increased in recent times as it presents a great opportunity for employees to get to know about each other. There are various corporate events that can be conducted in a seminar room at an affordable cost. This article highlights some of interesting events that you can host in a seminar room rental in Singapore.

What Corporate Events Can You Host In A Seminar Room?

1. Team Challenge

This is the event that emphasizes the importance of resource management, team interaction, and communication. It involves various teams with each team consisting of about ten participants. There will be a certain challenge assigned to each team that should be completed within a minute’s time. The members of the team discuss among themselves to decide upon the best strategy to acquire the highest score in the allowed time. It involves assigning the tasks pertaining to an individual’s skills and proficiency.

2. Team Pursuit

This is similar to the above event, but it involves a range of challenges that need to be solved by the teams in a stipulated time period. The challenges can be based on various categories like physical, mental, mystery, skill, etc. Each team is required to assign the challenge categories based on their teammate’s expertise  The mental challenges involve creativity, problem-solving technique, and analytical thinking. The physical challenges involve interactive skills to complete the tasks before others. The unique talents and skills will be unleashed by such challenging events. The mystery skills involve lateral and innovative thinking to solve the challenge. The team which collected the most points eventually wins the Team Pursuit Award.

3. Building Challenge

The building challenge involves constructing something out of the materials provided to each team. The very purpose of this event is to build a closer bond among the people in the company. It boosts interaction, creativity and strategizing among the members of the team. As the activity progresses, the teams will have to deal with real world business issues like staff changes, project modifications in the requirements, material shortages, etc. Once done, the end product will be subject to evaluation and the winning team will be announced based on the performance of the product built. Some of the advantages of this event are improved teamwork, problem-solving ability, stimulated creativity, project managing skills, etc. The employees also get a chance to get to know each other.

4. Gifting Event

This event focuses on the aspects of helping others. The members will be asked to bring boxes, cans, non-perishable food stuff, etc. With all these in hand, the members will work as a team to build an iconic monument such as the Tower of Pisa or the Taj Mahal. They will be using their artistic skills blended with creative ideas to achieve the closest likeness. Once the winners have been announced, the themes will be dismantled so that the food items can be donated to the local food banks. This event brings a sense of donation along with building creativity and art skills.

5. Dining With Your Eyes Closed

It sounds strange, doesn’t it? But this is one of the exciting events that can be conducted as a part of the corporate event. The members participating in this event will have the chance to communicate with each other about their unique dining experience. The dining will be monitored by a host assigned to each team and he/she will be engaging the teams. It improves the interaction among the participants and a sense of excitement in an otherwise boring meal.

6. Brain Teasers

This brain activity does not involve any physical movements. Teams are tasked with various puzzles, riddles, logic questions to solve in a given time period. It is a thought provoking event that will keep the participants engaged throughout. The members work together to solve the questions and arrive at the solution. This is a great event for the elderly and differently-abled persons who are unable to participate in the more strenuous activities.

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