Top List Of Where To Eat: Jakarta’s Best Brunch Spots

From simple eggs benedict to chicken congee, or regular delightful pastry to Kaya toast, it is a must to select your brunch to be delicious and delightful every time. However, there will be the time where you do not know where to eat ever since you have already tried a lot of brunch spots according to your knowledge. Therefore, to solve the problem, here come this article to help you to decide the best place where to eat: Jakarta’s best brunch spots as everyone’s favourite. Even more if you are not easy to please, well, brunch spot should be meet with your expectation every time.

Here are several recommended where to eat: Jakarta’s best brunch spots as a must-be visited place, at least once, to understand why these places known as best brunch spots.

  • Signatures Restaurant, Hotel Indonesia, Kempinksi Jakarta

Do you crave for varied choices of European pastries and breads? Well, you should visit Signatures Restaurant to explore a lot of food variations. In the other hand, you can also explore the open show-kitchen provides with numerous buffets choices from Western, Indonesia, Japanese, and also Chinese.

  • Common Grounds

Well, if you want to tickle your taste buds with anything egg-related food, you can explore Common Grounds to fulfil your expectation. Placed around the provincial streets, this place offers different atmosphere and meal, including Eggs Benedict, as the first-place choice, or challenge yourself with fusion meal of Mexican and local called as Huevos Rancheros con Rendang.

  • Authentique Bakery

It is the most French-style you can get in Jakarta because this bakery run by the owner and family to maintain its French-ness. In this place, you can find various favourite French bakery, from baguette to croissants. Other than that, you will feel like in French, as well as homey, because they choose French-related things to decorate the bakery. For example the French-stuffs ornaments, handicrafts, and so on.

  • Bubur Ayam (Chicken Congee) A Guan

If you feel like enough with expat-like foods either fancy place, you can explore around Jalan Mangga Besar I. A Guan Street to found this legendary chicken congee. This place has been served hundreds of chicken congee for more than three decades by then. How about the dress code? Well, it will not put too much effort because you can use any worn-out sandals as well lumpy t-shirt. Quite neat, huh?

  • Sabang 16

Located in Sabang Street, this is the place where you can find Kaya Toast, as delightful as you think. However, it has different signature with the ones you can found in Singapore because the bread is home-made from Medan with thick but soft textures. For those who find any easy to serve and quick breakfast, this place would be their favourite spot where to eat: Jakarta’s best brunch spots to enjoy every time.

So, those are several recommended placed to answer you confusion about where to eat: Jakarta’s best brunch spots you need to visit once. You can select any dishes from high-end fancy places to simple yet delightful according to your preference. In the end, just make sure that brunches should be more special as long as you have chosen the right brunches you can eat.