TOP 10 SUVs For A Comfortable Off-Road Journey

Recently, SUVs have become increasingly popular among those who like traveling. The reason is that these cars are excellent for driving both in urban areas and the countryside. The advantages of SUVs also include their outstanding capacity (5-7 passengers), comfort, high ground clearance, good road lighting, and all-wheel drive. But at the same time, the car should be also fuel-efficient and reliable.

So, after making a little research and studying the technical characteristics of the most known SUV cars, we’ve carefully chosen TOP 10 ones, that will be an ideal choice for your off-road trip…

Mercedes GLC

This is the clearest sample of business-class crossovers. Mercedes GLC is representative and at the same time elegant, powerful and reliable SUV, which has earned respect both of car market experts and ordinary drivers. Permanent all-wheel drive and electronic stability system makes it comfortable to drive in the city and on the country roads. Electronic ‘filling’ of the car (collision avoidance system and 360-degree camera) makes the movement and parking is not only convenient, but also almost completely safe. The vehicle boasts of a fairly economical fuel consumption value: from 5 liters (GLC 220d) to 7.1 liters (250 U GLC) in the combined cycle.

Mercedes-Benz GLC 220 d 4MATIC AMG Line (X 253) – Frontansicht, 13. Februar 2016, Velbert


BMW X6 is another well-known SUV born in Germany. Elegant, stylish body makes this crossover notable among other cars of this class. Professional navigational system, driving assistant, and unique night vision system make a trip on the X6 really comfortable. Fuel consumption reaches 8.5 liters in the combined cycle, in the ‘city’ mode – 11.3 liters. Lots of experienced drivers emphasize the ease of use of an 8-speed gearbox, and very soft suspension, which is very practical for long-distance trips.


Audi Q5

This vehicle can be characterized by such words as “prestige” and “reliability”. Four-wheel drive, the impressive (but not bulky) dimensions, rapid and smooth acceleration, all possible types of transmission, money-saving fuel consumption (8.5l in the combined cycle) – it’s easier to say what  advantages the car doesn’t have, than to list all available options. High ground clearance and a large boot capacity (540 liters) make Audi Q5 an excellent choice for inveterate traveler, as well as for families with kids.

2009 Audi Q5 SE TDi Quattro

Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester impresses with its reliability, excellent handling and a significant engine resource. This SUV is very popular among those who consider that the reliability is a fundamental factor in the choice of the car for traveling. Forester, by the way, is produced in Japan. It’s equipped with four-wheel drive system. Those who especially appreciate comfort can consider Forester with a CVT chain. According to the results of the Euro NCAP test (European New Car Assessment Program), Subaru Forester 2.0i-L received 5 stars.

Subaru Forester (III) – Frontansicht, 10. Juni 2012, Wuppertal

Honda CR-V

This SUV is characterized by increased comfort and reliability. It is considered to be the most “gentle” crossover. Honda CR-V is able to meet the needs of the most demanding drivers regarding the comfort. Special softness of movement is ensured by the fact that the car is equipped with a hydraulic clutch in the rear axle, two hydraulic pumps and a distributing box. In addition, the springs and shock absorbers of Honda CR-V feature a more comfortable performance compared to models of the other brands.

However, the “off-road” capabilities of this vehicle significantly reduced, because the distance between the body and the roadway is only 170 mm.

Honda CR-V 2007 051

Toyota RAV4

This car offers very convenient driver’s seat and easy handling. Toyota RAV4 features a spacious luggage carrier (547 liters) and is available with three types of transmission. Among the disadvantages of the car are the lack of highlights in the interior design and the lack of engine and body protection.


Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage is a powerful SUV with excellent environmental characteristics. Among the major advantages of this model are safety and comfort. If you are interested in the most fuel-efficient crossover, special attention should be paid to Kia Sportage, in which fuel consumption is 7-10 liters of petrol in the combined cycle, 9-13l in the city, and 5-8l on the highway.

Volcán La Poruña

Volkswagen Tiguan

This practical SUV is designed by using TSI and TDI advanced engine technologies, and equipped with dual-clutch robotized DSG transmission. It provides excellent handling of the car and significant fuel economy (9.5 liters in the city and 7 liters on the highway). The disadvantage of the crossover includes insufficient protection of the engine compartment from dirt.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TSI 4Motion AT

Nissan Qashqai

This is quite a spacious SUV, which is available in all-wheel drive, and the front-wheel drive version. Nissan Qashqai can accomodate 5-7 passengers and provides overload protection (Auto Switching System). Despite the fact that this SUV is one of the most compact, it offers enough interior space both for passengers and their luggage. By the way, in 2012-2013, Nissan Qashqai was listed in the top 10 best-selling cars in Europe.

Nissan Qashqai 2007 023

Volvo XC90

If you are looking for the most capacious crossover, Volvo XC90 is ideal for you. The main advantages of the car are a spacious interior, as well as excellent handling, which is provided by a 6-speed automatic transmission. Since the official launch, the car has received more than 110 awards, and got the highest rating for the level passenger protection.

Volvo XC90 D5 R Design

As you can see, SUV is a very suitable car for off-road journeys. It offers high ground clearance, safety and comfort for all the passengers.

All the above-mentioned SUVs will be an excellent transport for your trip. By the way, if necessary, you can easily rent any SUV at any spot you need.