Tips On Choosing An RV For Full Timing

Tips On Choosing An RV For Full Timing

Enamored by the great outdoors? Want to experience the freedom of being out on the road all your life? Then, all you have to do is pick out the right vehicle for full time RVing. Before you start comparison-shopping the different RVs for sale by owner, understand that the motor home that is perfect for the occasional road trip may not be suitable for full timing. So how do you get the best RV for this purpose? Here are some tips to help you.

Tips On Choosing An RV For Full Timing

Sizing up’ Your RV

With RVs, the size does matter; a lot! Before you start looking for the biggest, most spacious RVs for sale by owner in the market, slow down and consider this: Where do you plan on camping most of the time? If you are the kind that prefers remote, little-frequented locations, and you prefer to set up your ‘home’ in public campgrounds nearby, bigger may NOT be better. In fact, most public campgrounds are not geared for the mammoth sized RVs. You will find this a big problem when you are taking a road trip to most publicly owned spots, like national parks or reserves. Pick out an RV that is less than 35’ to ensure that you can always find a campground ready to accommodate your home-on-wheels.

What about Storage Space?

You are going to live out of your RV and that means you will be carrying around all the stuff that makes life easy and enjoyable for you. Most RV buyers remember the essentials that they need for a comfy life and make sure that the RV they buy has adequate space to store all of these items safely. But, what about recreation? Consider your hobbies as well. Think about the equipment you need after you set up camp and want to enjoy the outdoors. Do you like fishing? Then your RV should have storage space for your fishing rods, tackle boxes, and other fishing supplies. Do you love impromptu picnics? Your RV should be able to store away a fold-up table and chairs, picnic supplies and the likes.. Basically, what you do is think hard about what you like to do once your road trip is underway and list out the essentials you need for these activities. Find an RV that has adequate space to store everything you will need.

Is your RV Weatherproof?

Of course, you want to make sure that any vehicle you buy is reasonably weatherproofed. But, when you are investing in a motor home, this question takes on another dimension. RVs are designed to withstand the typical vagaries of nature. But, if you intend to travel most of the time down ice covered roads or through pouring rain or park in below zero temperatures, you should pay special attention to this when you are shopping for your full-time RV.

For example, a well insulated, all-season motor home is what you should be looking at if you have a preference for colder locations. Whether you are on the road or parked in a campground, you will definitely appreciate warm, comfortable interiors when the temperature is dipping outside. Pay special attention to waterproofing if you like to travel down in the rainy locales frequently to ensure that you don’t have a swimming pool inside your RV after a heavy shower.

These are the factors you should consider right when sifting through the RVs for sale by owner listings. Once you have shortlisted the RVs that match your needs, you can start comparing prices, consider the motor home’s age and condition, and check out the extra features and functionalities before making a final decision.