Three European Hunting Trips Worth Writing Home About

When avid hunters think about their dream-hunting destination, often times different African or Asian locations come to mind. One dreams of stalking Serengeti on the planes of Africa or going after big game deep in eastern Asia. Left off that list oftentimes is a place where the hunting is absolutely world class and unforgettable: Europe.

Three European Hunting Trips Worth Writing Home AboutHunting for big game in Europe offers a thrill that few locations worldwide can match. Whether you’re searching to hunt moose the size of baby elephants or deer so big their antlers could destroy a car, hunting in Europe is great for newbies and enthusiasts alike. Pack your hunting gear from Calibers and check out these four European hunting destinations and see which one might be a great choice for your next expedition.

Stalking big game in Spain

A great place for those in search of a fantastic big game hunting expedition in Europe should check out what Spain has to offer. Spain is home to four species of Spanish Ibex, which grow to huge sizes and are a true thrill to hunt. Located mostly in the south eastern region of the country, the Spanish Ibex typically is hunted on private hunting grounds that are located in national wildlife reserves.

In addition to the Spanish Ibex, there are many other species which one can go after in Spain. Wild boar, chamois, goats, and deer are all prevalent species in Spain which can be hunted in beautiful picturesque settings.

Stunning scenery and big game in Switzerland

When one thinks of the Swiss Alps, skiing is typically the first thing that comes to mind. While the skiing in Switzerland truly is world class, so is the hunting. There are 41 federal hunting reserves in Switzerland, meaning the choices for where and what you want to hunt are large. Each reserve offers something different; in St. Mau you will be hunting mountain Ibex, while in other areas you might search for wild boar or deer.

European bison in Poland

Poland is a unique country as it is only one of a few countries in Europe with a natural population of European Bison. In eastern Poland, very near the Byelorussian boarder, the large population of European bison are an attractive hunt due to the challenge and sheer size of the beasts.

Adult males are the only species which can be hunted, and local guides do a great job of controlling the movements of the herds so hunts end successfully.

Hunting in the Caucasus

Many visitors to Europe for hunting choose to hunt in western Russia, amongst the southern slopes of the Caucasus. An expedition in this area typically involves staying in mountain shelters high above sea level, and stalking game on foot. West Caucasian turs are typically targeted, which are wild goats that can grow to very large sizes.

Depending on the season, the turs will either be at a high elevation or a lower elevation, so choosing a time of year is important. Additionally, chamois can be hunted in the same area as the turs.

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