The Best Fencing Ideas For Your Home

Looking at fencing your Nashville home? If you are considering Nashville fencing options, here are few ideas for fencing your home.

According to American Fencing Association, fencing rules vary with every municipality. The height, distance from the property to the fence, etc., is decided by the local zoning codes. So contacting your municipality’s zoning department will help with knowing the rules around your area for fencing. Once you know this, choosing a fence accordingly is easy.

The Best Fencing Ideas For Your Home

Every fencing contractor you speak with will ask the reason for your fence, so they can suggest accordingly. Here are few top reasons and suggestions. Privacy fence is intended to block those who peek in, so a fairly tall (6ft. or more) and tightly stacked fence works best. Security fence is for keeping people from hopping in, so should be well over 6ft. and probably with deterrents like spikes on the top, so they can’t climb over. If you are looking a fence as a decorative add-on, it could be 2 – 3 ft. high, with ornamental work on it. You can also go for plain ones, depending on your budget and if needed, do the designing yourself! If you are looking to protect your property and inhabitants with a security fence, a wire fence is a great choice. This will not affect the view either and is quite durable.

You don’t need pricey embellishments for adorning your fence. You can use old buckets or tins or cheap items from the flea markets to adorn your fence. Yes, just some creative thought can make them wonderful embellishments. You might need some paint and a bunch of real or artificial flowers for the tin, or depending on the accessories you choose, you can come up with what works best. You can also ask Nashville fence experts for ideas on embellishment. Who knows, they might be able to give a creative suggestion or two!

Once you are clear with the reason for your fence, Nashville fence experts at Stratton Exteriors might be able to suggest the right fence type to suit your requirements. Of course, it is also based on your budget. The common fencing material is wood, though you have Vinyl, Iron and Aluminum and even Wire and Chain-link fencing. Wire and chain-link is the most affordable, whereas, Iron or Aluminum and Wooden fences are considered durable and eco-friendly. Even with wooden fences, there are many different types of designs, durability and wood, to suit everyone’s budget.

Maintenance is another important aspect to consider when you are checking for Nashville fence options. Wood is by the most common and preferred fencing material, because it easy to repair it during a damage and will not call for a complete replacement. Though regular painting and upkeep is needed for wooden fences, they can be repaired without much ado! On the other hand, Vinyl or Aluminum fences, though don’t require frequent upkeep, in case of repairs, it might be difficult to find a similar replacement – which means, you end up replacing it fully!

However, if you choose the right Nashville fence contractor, your issues should be eliminated, as they will be able to suggest the right option for your home.