Styles That Men Would Prefer In Tungsten Rings

Among all other metals that are used for making wedding bands – gold, silver, platinum, palladium, titanium and stainless steel, tungsten ranks at the top in terms of durability.  Not only is the lasting guaranteed, it also maintains the looks throughout as it is resistant to corrosion and does not get tarnished. From the price angle, tungsten lies at the mid range. It is slightly more costly than titanium and silver but lower than the price of gold, silver and platinum. The affordability is another reason why tungsten is gaining popularity among wedding bands.

Tungsten wedding bands for men are quite popular especially among those who want to display a restrained and dignified style that is far from flashy. The light grey color of the bands is quite appealing and even black inlays are also available. Tungsten wedding bands are available for both men and women, but the selection of styles are limited as compared to gold, silver and platinum. Flat bands and comfort fit rings as well as rings with brushed layers and channel set diamond tungsten rings are some of the popular styles for men.

Faceted Rings

If you want to break away from traditional styles and adore tungsten rings that are bespoke in design to suit your tastes then forget about the pipe-cut style and domed rings. Stay simple yet classic with faceted rings that can make you stay away from the crowd and yet be counted. The entire band can be decorated with deep cut facets that give a very modern look or you can also think of bevels and grooves.

Black Rings of Tungsten

Black tungsten wedding bands can look gorgeous and prove a point about your inclination to be different in your style that defies convention.  It also shows your affinity to swim against the tide. For more exclusive style, you can go for a two tone design that combines tungsten and ceramic to add more shine to the dark appeal.

Rings with Metallic Inlays

Make use of the opportunity of adoring some other precious metal along with tungsten by choosing rings made from tungsten but provided with inlays made from other metals.  It is like two rings molded into one. The inlay metal can be sterling silver, platinum or 18k gold. For a more modern design, carbon fiber inlays are also available.

Tungsten Diamond Rings

Diamonds in tungsten add the luxurious sparkle that can make heads turn. The shine and looks are simply splendid that only diamonds can offer. Multiple stones can be placed on the ring or a single solitaire can dazzle like a star on your finger to underline your desire for staying unique. It’s a style that is classy and dignified with simply no parallels.

Rings with Brushed Finish

Brushing the metal can change its texture to add more style and appeal to the rings. For a soft finish you can choose stain brush rings and for a rough look matte brushed finish is always preferred.  Add some cool styling elements with brushed finish of your choice.