Small Apartment Décor Tricks – Make It Bigger

People live in all kinds of apartments, especially in big cities where the prices of real estate are astronomical and where you are often perfectly happy to be able to afford a 200 sq. ft. apartment without going into the red. Decorating such apartments is often a challenge and it is always a good idea to get some advice on how to make these apartments at least a bit bigger with some décor tricks. Well, here are some!

Go Light with the Colors

The first and the most important small apartment décor trick is to keep things light. If you paint your walls in a dark color, you will be turning your apartment into a cave. You will effectively bring the walls even closer and produce an effect of a space that is even smaller than it is. Go with white or with extremely light shades that are closer to white than the actual color. You can always have smaller darker details, but do not overdo it; the general idea should be light.

Small Apartment Décor Tricks – Make It Bigger

Make it Bright

One very effective trick that will make your small apartment look bigger is to introduce as much light as you can into it. If you are not too hung up on curtains, get rid of them. Let as much natural light enter your place as you can. If you simply cannot live without curtains, make them as transparent as you can, white if anyhow possible. In addition to natural light, you should flood the apartment with artificial light to make it even bigger.

Put in Some Rugs

Carpets are a big no-no when decorating a small apartment. Anything that goes from wall to wall is going to give out an impression of a space that is smaller than it is. On the other hand, you can do wonders with beautiful, carefully-selected rugs. Once again, our advice would be to go light in color, with everything else up to you. You can choose between various shapes, designs and even types of weave, according to what you like and what would work in the space you intend to decorate with a rug.

Small Apartment Décor Tricks – Make It Bigger

Go with Simple Furniture

There is no room for a giant, old-school sofa in a small apartment, or anything of the sorts. The idea is to go with the simplest pieces of furniture. For instance, you will be best off if your tables are just four legs and a surface, without any filled spaces; you will be best off with chairs that are also elementary. One piece of furniture that does not follow this logic is your bed. You can go with a bigger, more voluminous bed which will also serve as storage space. Which brings us to our next trick.

Go Multifunctional

Whenever you can choose and buy a multifunctional piece of furniture, do it. You can also make this happen on your own. For instance, you can use some sturdy boxes for storage, cover them up with something and then use them as DIY coffee tables. Another great idea of this kind is a bed which has a headrest which can be used as shelf space.

Before you know it, your small apartment is going to feel as a mid-sized one, at least. Mission accomplished.