Simple, Powerful, Quick Solution For The Middle Aged

I am a travel writer for a local magazine. I have started photography during the film roll times when Yashica and Kodak ruled the roost. Back then the main work of the travel writer was only to write and give the film rolls to the concerned person in the office. I did not have to think much about the form factor of the cameras or of the size of the images but today magazines want you to give your own image for your write-up. I cannot simply rely on my words anymore. The media has moved a lot into the visual space from the verbal domain in which it used to be. So today one must make oneself a successful brand by giving an all-around well-made article, else one cannot survive in this highly competitive field. For me, time is money and I cannot waste a lot of time in editing images. Moreover I am not skilled in professional image manipulation and editing software. However today with the advent of the DSLRs at a throw away price everyone can take pictures and not waste money as the storage in memory cards has made the whole process cheaper where one need not buy film rolls, develop the negative and take prints.

But today the challenges are different. To produce an appealing photo that is visually pleasing and at the same time delivers the message that you want to send across. Using the Movavi Photo Editor for Mac one can edit photos on mac to get the photos looking great for various occassions. It need not require you to know about the complex photo editors that my designer colleagues use. It is a simple yet powerful application that can deliver what you want. It has a lot of basic editing options from which I can change the contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure, temperature etc. that gives you basic control over the image. Also one can enjoy the option of auto enhance which chooses the best set of the above variable that might be fit for the photo. Most of the time it gives you a pleasing image and I leave it at that. Also added advantages of the application include the style editor which helps you to add effects and styles to your pictures instantaneously and easily. You can try out the Sepia mode which makes everything look and feel nostalgic and classic.

There are many other effects like Oil painting, pixelate, black and white image, desaturate etc. I can also adjust the sharpness of the image which makes it to give a completely different but novel effect to the image. Mac Photo Editor also helps in resize of the image, easy cropping, orientation changing by rotation of the image; the editor can be used to create versatile images by flipping the images and by re-leveling the images on my Macbook. The application helps to reduce the blurring or blemishes in the images with the inbuilt image editor which makes the final product look very good. Moreover I can include watermarks which are necessary these days as more and more images are being stolen over the internet. I can have better control over the watermark font, location, size etc.