Reasons We Can’t Get Contract From Record Labels?

There are literally thousands of aspiring bands and singers today, but only very few of them can get actual contracts. It is safe to say that the music industry is already heavily commercialized, so it is clear that non-marketable performers won’t get any kind of contract. As an example, some bands ignore basic factors. Although they play well, these bands may ignore grooming and basic hygiene. Talent scouts also disregard bands that don’t match their music genre. As an example, heavy metal bands won’t be accepted well if they wear sporty, casual clothing; although it is actually possible to deliver something unusual in the genre.

Although we don’t have exact formula in presenting ourselves, it is important to strike a balance between comfort and style. Without this, many bands are unable to feel more confident on stage. Among many mistakes that bands do is that they don’t have a proper press kit. In fact, it is one of the easier ways to show labels about their music and performance. They need to have continuously updated demo CD and good photographs of the whole band. There must be a biography page that mentions basic information. Bands often don’t have professionally done photographs and with digital techniques, it is easy to create more than decent photos.

It is important for singers and bands to describe their music genre and it is essential to get press reviews. Record labels will be more likely to provide contracts for bands that get glowing reviews and this will encourage record labels. Bands and singers could have less than ideal demo CD, because they don’t follow proper convention. As an example, a good demo CD should have three tracks, no less and no more. In this case, we should start with our strongest song and we should add two more good songs. It is important for us to showcase the entire spectrum of our sound and skill.

Many bands make mistake by not asking themselves if their music style is acceptable to the label’s main repertoire. As an example, it is nearly impossible for a mainstream pop record label to consider bands that perform exploratory jazz style. Secondly, bands could fail to make sure that the label actually accepts and evaluates their demo. It is important for them to follow up and make sure that their demo CD is being considered by the management. However, we should consider that the label could throw our demo CD straight into the trash bin, if it is badly made and composed.

In this case, we should make sure that we are working with the actual representatives of the record labels. They are involved in deciding whether we should get record labels. In this case, we need to perform proper research and it is essential to ensure that the press kit could be received by the right individual. We shouldn’t be afraid about cultivating our options and it is essential to send multiple demo CDs to any record label that is likely to match our music style.