Read This In Order To Clear Your Driving Test

The secret to clear your driving test depends upon your level of confidence and therefore you need to practice enough to develop that kind of confidence while driving. Besides that, you need to have right attitude so that you do not get nervous at the critical moment. To make sure that you clear your driving test you must follow the steps as given below.

Learn driving lessons

You must spend at least 47 hours in learning all the driving lessons and thereafter spend at least 22 hours in actual driving. While driving, you must ensure that all the lessons that you learnt are properly followed.

You must understand that there is no shortcut to clear practical driving test. Therefore, if you learn the driving lesson properly and practice enough in actual driving then clearing the driving test will become much easier.

Learn the Highway Code

Knowing all the Highway Codes is legal requirement for all the drivers and therefore you must not only learn them well, but should be able to practice also while driving on the highways. Being familiar with these codes will help you to clear your driving test too.

Get comfortable with the area where you will give your driving test

Sometimes, it becomes little awkward to drive in an unknown place and particularly for those who are new, this can be an issue. Therefore, visit the location and get familiar with various obstacles that are created for the driving test. You can make your own strategy at some difficult obstacles or turning, so that you do not get nervous during the test drive.

Give attention to some of the common mistakes

Certain mistakes are very common among new drivers. Following are few of them, which should be remembered while appearing for the driving test.

  • Often the driver forgets to look at the mirror while driving on the reverse gear while parking
  • Forget to check the side mirror while driving
  • Forget to observe enough at the surroundings while turning or applying brake
  • Do not react when any other vehicle passes nearby.
  • Fail to drive where there is dense traffic
  • Taking too much time to drive near junction or roundabouts
  • Failure to observe speed limit or driving too slowly on the main road and obstructing other vehicle due to shaky driving.
  • Not giving proper signal at appropriate places
  • Giving confusing signal at times
  • Not cancelling the signal after turning
  • Improper handling of steering wheel that may affect your control
  • At sharp turns, there is inaccuracy in using steering wheel
  • Clutch, break and accelerator control is not properly synchronised
  • Driving most of the time with clutch down position

Be prepared for the test

You must sleep well the night before your test and also eat your breakfast before appearing for test. Try to cancel all your other important work and be ready for the test at least 15 minutes earlier. Never be on a hurry. Try to keep your mind calm so that you do not get nervous.