Sailing At The Very Heart Of The Meditteranean: Archipelago Of Malta

Set at around 80 kilometers south of the Sicilian Coast, the Maltese archipelago consisted of the three big islands of Malta, Comino and Gozo lies in the very center of the Mediterranean.
The idyllic setting of this archipelago makes it a popular choice for tourists of all kinds, and most of all – sailors.

The historical background of Malta only confirms the popularity it has today. The location has been a point of interest of many civilizations that have lived here and undoubtedly left their influences that breath out of the pores of this island.

The coastline of about 140 kilometers in length is a perfect choice for yacht charter Malta and exploring the rocky north and south part of the island full of cliffs, as well as the sandy beaches and wonderful bays that are spread at the east and northeastern coast; a perfect getaway for a full relaxation.

When thinking of the best way to meet and feel all these beautiful colors of Malta – the chicest and unique way to do it is ultimate – yacht chartering in Malta.

Why choose Sailing in Malta this Season?

The reason why yacht charter Malta is so popular is more than obvious: there is no better way to explore the three islands of the archipelago along with the uninhabited Cominotto, Filfla and the St. Paul’s smaller islands.

Starting your yachting trip around Malta at the most popular Msida port is a great way to begin your unforgettable journey on a yacht. After arriving at the airport in the capital of Malta – the beautiful La Valetta, a short trip of fewer than fifteen minutes will take you both to Msida and the Marina at the Grand Harbour – a must see spot while sailing around Malta. Beside the Grand Harbour, you can freely take advantage of the freedom on your yacht and visit the wide bays of St. Paul, Marsaxlokk, the astonishing Mellieha Bay and ultimately – the Marsamxett harbor, all definitely worth visiting.

When it comes to the weather conditions of Malta, you sure don’t have much to worry about. Aside from preparing yourself for a typical sunbathing, you will definitely want to take light clothes and a good sun protection since the climate in Malta is similar to the one in Northern Africa where the summers are long, hot and pretty dry.

Probably the best months for sailing are the warmest ones – July and August, the time of the year when winds are prevailing from the northwest. However, during this part of the summer season that usually begins in March and ends in October, the sirocco wind that blows from the south can be oppressive because of the dust and sand it blows all over the Archipelago.

Charter a yacht from the heart of Malta:

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