Louis Habash – The Writer Par Excellence

Louis Habash - The Writer Par Excellence

There is a famous quotation by the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu that says “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Such has been the life of the well known freelance writer Louis Habash, a resident of Newport Beach in California. Right from the days while he was in High School, he developed a knack for writing about films and the movie that brought about the transition in his life was “The Godfather”. Such was the impact of storytelling on him while he was watching the movie that he remained glued to the film for 3 long hours, which rightfully gave birth to the famous writer in him. Other film stories that drew his attention include movies like “2001: Space Odyssey”, “Citizen Kane”, and “The Graduate”. This was the time when he started blogging and developed a knack for writing.

As a Travel Writer

Louis Habash , not only writes about films, most importantly he is also a travel writer. A travel writer with a difference, all his write ups on this subject have been extremely helpful especially for the travelers that travel to a particular place for the first time. Generally, when travelers embark upon a journey, they tend to gather all information about the place they are traveling to. There are several practical tips that one needs to follow so that their trip is hassle free and less cumbersome. And it won’t be wrong to say that all these tips are provided by him in his travel writings.

As a Technical Writer 

There are very few writers that are able to cover a wide array of topics. But when it comes to Louis Habash, he is one that has excelled in all these areas as far as writing is concerned. Technology is another subject that he writes upon. He has declared himself to be a tech savvy person and juggles between writing on technology, travel, and films. An area that he takes special interest in is writing about the age old topic- “Apple versus Samsung”. Regardless of whether it is a new app or gadget or software, his writings are a pleasure to read. His favorite websites include Mashable.com and Wired.com.

Connecting with the Readers

His writings have always been a major hit among readers. And one of the main reasons can be attributed to the fact that he is able to connect with his audience extremely well.His writings have always been a major hit among readers. And one of the main reasons can be attributed to the fact that he is able to connect with his audience extremely well. His style of representing facts and supporting the same with real life incidents and events has been a hit among readers. As such, readers can relate his write ups with real life experiences. One of the main reasons why his writings are liked by all is the fact that he uses easy and understandable language, which in turn helps him to connect better with his audience. Also, many of the write ups are SEO friendly that will also attract web traffic to websites.

Louis Habash is an individual with multifaceted talent. Aside from films, he also writes about travel and important tips that travelers must follow in order to make their trips enjoyable. Print media and online magazines are two other areas where readers will find his writings related to various topics, the most prominent subjects being travel, movies, and technology and latest gadgets.