Leisure Activities In The Lake District

The Lake District in the UK attracts locals and foreign tourist all year round, and for good reason. Not only is it a beautiful and peaceful place for a holiday destination, it has many attractions and activities you can enjoy during your stay.

Whether you are there just for a weekend or a long holiday break, you get a chance to stay at a picturesque Lake District cottage and take advantage of the leisure activities being offered to make your stay all the more exciting.

Here are some of the leisure activities you can try out during your stay at a Lake District cottage during the holiday season:

Leisure Activities In The Lake District

Windermere Golf Club

The Windermere golf course is located at a distance of just 2 miles from England’s largest lake, Windermere. This idyllic setting is perfect for all golf lovers residing in Lake District, where they can enjoy a game of golf while looking over the stunning views of the lake and hills nearby.

The course is challenging for beginners as well as expert golf players, and when you visit the golf club you will find a warm and friendly atmosphere, along with great catering.

Horse Riding at Cumbrian Heavy Horses

To get the best horse riding experience during your stay at the Lake District, visit the Cumbrian Heavy Horses which is a small family-run heavy horse riding establishment. If you already know how to ride or it’s your first time, this place will be perfect for you.

If your Lake District cottage is located near Chapels Farm, you can get an unforgettable horse riding experience by visiting Cumbrian Heavy Horses. There are many other horse riding establishments as well located all over Lake District, which you can visit during your stay.

Fishing at Esthwaite Water

Who doesn’t enjoy a little fishing during the holiday? Esthwaite Water is an excellent, well-managed trout fishery where you can do boat or bank fishing. The waters are stocked with quality trout during all seasons, and offer a great experience for beginners and experts both.

So whether you like to fish alone or want to teach your son how to do it over the holiday, the warm and friendly staff at Esthwaite Water will make sure your visit is a memorable one.

Forest Segways

Instead of walking on the beautiful trails of Lake District, there is a unique way to cover even long distances with ease on a rugged all-terrain Segway. You will find many trails and forests near the Lake District cottage you will be staying at so in order to get the ultimate forest experience, get on a Segway tour and explore the area.

Kendal Leisure Centre

If you are more of an indoor person and enjoy sports, Lake District has many leisure clubs that you can visit. The Kendal Leisure club has badminton, football, hockey, swimming and many other sports facilities for its guests. You are provided with many fitness facilities under one roof for your convenience. So just because you left your gym back home, doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit over the holiday!

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