How To Travel In Luxury Class Without Breaking The Bank

Who doesn’t want to avail the comfort of a business class flight? Every traveller wants to enjoy the atmosphere and the space of a premium cabin. A premium cabin improves the quality of your travel significantly, but it doesn’t always require you to burn a hole in your pocket.

The luxury of good food, good wine, enough leg space, faster check-in, higher baggage allowance, free lounge access and of course not standing in the queue for the loo is always desirable though they are unaffordable for the common folks. However, you can have all these comforts without paying through the nose. And here are 7 cost-cutting ideas following which you can upgrade your flight in the cheapest way.

  1. Avail premium economy – Though nowhere near as lavish as a business class, premium economy cabins often offer good improvements with more legspace and better service. Many airlines offer such a facility and their prices are generally 40% higher than economy class. Charter airlines also offer premium class seats on long-haul routes and they can be booked with or without the facility of a hotel accommodation.
  2. Upgrade wisely – If the business class return is too pricey, you can think about upgrading just for the outbound or return flight. Many airlines offer packages to fly out in business class and returning in economy class and vice versa.
  3. Time your booking – Business class fares often rise during peak season. So if you have the flexibility to reschedule your travel dates, try a few different dates prior to booking to determine the best value times. Lucrative offers on business class flights often, nowadays, crop up on different holiday routs. So you should keep a track of future flight offers from your favorite airlines.
  4. Go for a restricted ticket – Often business class fares work the same way as economy tickets. The more restrictions they impose, the cheaper the rates are. Such restrictions may include 7 days’ advance purchase, no refund, no minimum stay and extra charge on cancellation or alternation.
  5. Look for cheaper airlines – Business class in premium airlines are undoubtedly a cut above most of their rivals who might not offer utmost luxury. They may also take a bit longer to reach destination as they fly a little longer route, but the difference in fare is quite considerable.
  6. Book through a specialist travel agent – Specialist agents sometimes have access to special and lucrative airfare offers that you can’t get directly from the airlines. Moreover, they have better idea of all airlines and their airfares on the routes you’re interested in.
  7. Use air-miles – If you’re a frequent traveller and have collected many air-miles or frequent-flyer points, you perhaps know how to use these points or air-miles to upgrade flight seat instead of booking a free flight. Different airlines has different upgradation systems but they all offer upgrade option.

These are just some of many ways to cut the airfare; in other words, travel luxuriously for less. Take advantage of these ideas to make your holiday more enjoyable.