Lectures Create Boredom? How About Storytelling?

Traditionally, the teachings and learning have been through the lectures and speeches in the classroom for any subject. The words, facts, and figures passed on through the lecture, most of the time, do not reach the audience. This method usually creates boredom and an unexciting experience making the audience completely inattentive. Many a times leading to continuous yawns and for some actually putting heads down to off to sleep!!

How about switching to storytelling or including the stories in lectures to create a high level of learning enthusiasm in your audience? Need to learn the art of narrating a story in your professional field or no time to tell a story to your child to make the learning easy? Whatever be the reason, the city is no way behind in this area. Conducting the sessions of storytelling is being spread widely knowing its great benefits, storytelling in Bangalore is not only enjoyed by the kids and children, but even by the adults!

Lectures Create Boredom? How About Storytelling?

Concept of Storytelling

Storytelling is an art, where the events are conveyed in words, images and actions. The events are narrated, using gestures and expressions, in such a way that it includes entertainment, fun and also helps to actually visualize those events in the mind of the listener.

The essence of storytelling has been far recognized, even scientifically, for better communication and making things understand well creating immense interest in the audience.

Benefits of Storytelling

1.   Makes a great and positive impact on learning as it generates a lot of interest and excitement.

2.   Better communication, specially improves the listening skills.

3.   Helps in enhancing the imagination power.

4.   An excellent powerful tool for making a difficult subject to understand well.

5.   Stamps information, facts and figures permanently on mind.

6.   Creates a lively atmosphere with a lot of enthusiasm among the audience.

7.   Inspires for learning new things.

8.   Enhances emotional well being.

Spreading the Wings

“Once upon a time….” The sentence walks us through our childhood memories where we had been always narrated with a story with this starting line by teachers, parents, and especially, by our lovely grandparents.

However, knowing the great benefits of storytelling, they are no more limited to children and parents, but have spread its wings even among the professionals like teachers, trainers, working professionals, business heads, adults specially parents – ideally to learn the art to surpass it in their field of area.

Also, with today’s fast paced moving world, where on earth we have time to narrate the stories to our children? Storytelling sessions are held regularly and have enormous demand in the city.

So not let only the children to get fascinated with the fairy tales, cultural and moral stories, emotional stories; professionals too can grab the opportunity to learn the art of storytelling and make your audience fascinated and create a sense of great learning experience for them.

Author bio: The author, who loves to narrate as well as at times loves to listen to the stories, diverts attention to eventshigh to check for the sessions on storytelling in Bangalore!