How To Find Extra Money For That Vacation

Are you saying to yourself right now “I’d like to go on a vacation, but I can’t afford it?” Everyone needs a vacation. It’s a great way to unwind and leave the stress behind. Whether its work problems or the fact the family needs a vacation, taking one can help you get leave your problems behind.

As great as vacations can be, they are expensive. Flights, hotels, car rentals and the cost of eating out can add up. Sure, you can try to find homes for rent on Vacation Owners By Rental or AirBnb, but you are going to have to cook and on a vacation, you simply want to relax.

So how can you save up for that vacation? Well, you can of course create a fund and place a percentage of your salary into an account. That is certainly one way to do it.

Another way can be to sell some of your personal belongings that you no longer need. That’s what my family did before our recent trip to Disneyland. We went through everyone’s things and decided if they would be used. We then posted everything on this free classifieds Vancouver website called

It was difficult for us to convince our children to sell some of their toys that they no longer use. We had mentioned that other children might really enjoy playing with their toys as they might not otherwise be able to afford them. Explaining income issues with parents isn’t easy for a child to understand. So we tried another approach. We started relating their toys into rides at Disneyland. We told my son Jackson that for every 5 toys he sold, that was two rides on Space Mountain. This did the trick!

After we posted these items individual on the used and for sale items Vancouver website, we decided to have a garage sale. We posted the on the same site and all around the town. Doing so proved to be a great way to create some extra amount for our family vacation. In the end, we ended up earning an extra $800!

Selling these items also proved to be a great way to de-clutter our house. We had accumulated so much stuff over the years and needed to get rid of it. So if you are saying to yourself right now that you can’t afford that vacation, take a look around and see what items you own could be sold. After all, would you rather lie on a beach for a week or stare at the video game console you never play with?