3 Travel Options For A Stag Party

Last month was my best friends stag. He was getting married to a great gal. They had been together since grade 11 and both were very loyal.

I was tasked with organizing Steve’s stag party. Normally I am a person who doesn’t care what we do and let the organizers to their thing. But since Steve and I go way back, I wanted to take charge as I knew him better than anyone, except his fiancée or course!

Since both were loyal to each other I didn’t want to organize a token stag involved with strippers and escorts. I find this type of stag very uncomfortable for not only the groom but the attendees. I don’t think anything would happen and Steve would turn unfaithful, I would just much rather do something better.

If you are tasked with organizing a stag and want to do something unique, check out these ideas.

#1 – Fishing Charter

What a great way for males to bond while sharing stories over a few beers. Fishing has long been a great way of bonding and a Prince Rupert fishing charter is a fantastic way to spend some quality time with friends before one of them gets married. You can enjoy the calm waters while catching fish or enjoying time together back at the charters lodge over a nice fire in the evening. Cooking up the day’s catch is a great way to create some long lasting memories.

#2 – Golf Trip

This is an expensive alternative but so is a fishing charter. And after all, it’s a nice send off rather than doing something local like going to a trip club and dressing your bachelor in a silly outfit. Bonding and creating memories are easy to achieve while playing a few rounds of golf.

#3 – Adventure Sports

If fishing and golf are boring or so slow paced, you can try an adventure sports stag. You can do white water rafting, mountain biking and even bungee jumping or zip lining.

In the case of the stag for Steve, we decided to do a fishing charter with Thunder 1 Adventures based out of Prince Rupert BC. Now you may not be lucky like us and live close to the ocean to do a fishing charter, but it’s well worth money spent. If you deem it too expensive, you can always look at the other two options as the chances are good you live near a golf course or adventure sports area.