How DJs Should Promote Themselves?

Marketing is a big thing and this topic alone will take a whole thick book to cover. However, DJs are professionals and they need to market themselves to be successful and popular. Without proper marketing techniques, they will have much less to do and success will be much more difficult to achieve. Branding, marketing and promotion are major factors to achieve success; DJs shouldn’t fall into a mental trap of feeling good for just playing great music and be creative. They should be able to take care of the business sides of becoming a DJ and some DJs make mistake thinking that it is an “unworthy” thing to do.

In this case, we should find out how we are able to deliver value for paying crowds, as well as reaching out to event organizers. Before DJs are able to market themselves, they need to find out who they are. They need to have a proper understanding of what make them unique. It is important to know things that others can’t deliver. As an example, they could write down qualities that they could associate with themselves. After they are able to describe themselves, it is important to create a unique tagline that is descriptive enough. Whenever they talk about themselves, DJ should be able to relate to the tag line.

We should be able to talk about it and needless to say, it is recommended to have a proper social media presence and good websites. It is important for us to build our authority and post relevant content. We should know what’s happening in our niche.In general, we should add values to others and try to be authentic. In this case, we need to deliver unique experience, so we are able to enhance others’ lives. Other than a website, DJ should also have Facebook page, MixCloud page for mixing and SoundCloud page for making professional contacts and get remixes. It is also a good idea to have Twitter account, BandCamp page, ResidentAdvisor profile and Beatport DJ Profile. We may not be able to update these pages each day, but by having a steady presence, we should be better known in the industry. DJs without professional presence are only able to hide under the rock.

It is important for DJs to properly reach out to authorities and colleagues in their music niche. They should properly cooperate with event organizers, club owners, artists and other DJs. In many cases, new DJs could make a group trip with other DJs and perform jointly. Just like any professional, DJs should reach out to at least a couple of new people each day through both online and offline means. In this case, DJs should be a great communicator. In fact, many popular DJs are not actually known for their skills, but for their ability to establish a network of professionals. Other than improving their skills and personal flavours, it is important for DJs to hit the charts and get a label deal.