How Big Data Analytics Can Help In Developing Leadership

How Big Data Analytics Can Help In Developing Leadership

In the USA alone, businesses are spending from $20 to 50 billion on leadership training. The amount of money invested can naturally create an assumption that America’s leadership state should be thriving; however, a different story is told by an Accenture’ survey. It says that only 8 out of all executives felt that their companies were effective in developing leaders. In another survey conducted by the Institution for Corporate Productivity, 67% of organizations said they were unsuccessful at developing leaders.

So, there have been huge failures even after investing billions. What’s causing this failure, after all? And is there anything that can be done to improve this situation?

Yes, there is a solution already available! It has come in the form of machine learning, big data and natural language processing. By harnessing all of them mentioned above through big data analytics, organizations can simplify the process of assessing leader performance. Let us learn about ways through which a business can incorporate big data analytics to develop leadership skills in its employee.

Spotting Performers

Managers can easily spot how much productive their top employees are, but there are possibilities that the decision of managers all possibilities to be influenced by unconscious biases based on several factors like relationships, age, gender, race, etc. After all, managers are also human and, their decision can be prejudice, too.

But machine learning and data cannot be influenced to undermine any of the employees. They can more easily spot those who have been top performers than a manger. This helps in eliminating the bias-based recognition of employees. Apart from this, big data analytics can also help in spotting those, who have not been delivering performance as per the standard so that they can be referred with training, coaching, and mentorship.

Flush Out Employee Engagement Surveys

Gallup, a global performance-management consulting company, has recently reported that only 13 percent of employees in an organization are actually engaged in work and, 24 percent are actively disengaged. These sorts of other surveys are quite helpful in presenting an extensive map of the issue. But people’s engagement with their work is a complex emotional estate and, it’s going to be too hard to measure it accurately.

Typically, organizations have been relying on engagement surveys to weigh the employees’ engagement with their work, but again, analytic are more scientific than these surveys.

Data gathered from analytics can precisely provide insights into retention and cultural challenges that are affecting the performance of employees. Big data analytics can help employers to indentify that which activities for enhancing engagement have the largest impact on the performance of employees.

Think Beyond in-Person Training

Online training is becoming the key norm for various purposes, even for the workforce that is disparate to learn latest skills. These virtual classrooms present an easy and flexible experience for employees.

By providing online training companies can easily track the engagement of an employee with the material and assess his or her understanding. When employers provide online training to employees, all the interaction creates data that can be easily analyzed.

Data reveals everything about the nuanced understanding of how employees understand materials, as well as provide insight into how best to get involved. When leadership analytics at place, companies have capability to learn which area needs to be given greater stress.

So, this is how companies can use Big Data Analytics to train and rediscover leaders in their own organizations. All it takes is a fair process which is avoids the chances of human influence. Let’s see how organizations around the world adopt big data analytics in future use it in nurturing leaders…

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