Hostels in the Netherlands

There are many beautiful and historic cities in Holland, such as Delft, Leiden and Haarlem. There are many great artists in the Netherlands and we can see the artworks made bat Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt and other contemporaries. There are also many good museums that we can find in The Hague and Amsterdam. The latter is known for its diverse and phenomenal nightlife. As an example, we can visit the Dutch brown cafes where we can pass the night time with our friends. Common clichés associated with the Netherlands, such as windmills and tulips can be found easily across the country. Near Leiden, we should be able to find ribbons of colourful tulips, often as far as our eyes can see. Locals often go to many places using bicycles. There are shops that allow us to rent bikes at many train stations. When we visit the Netherlands, we often see dozens of bicycles at one time. The Dutch themselves are known to be funny, friendly and warm. They usually have good English skill and we should be able to strike up conversation.

Amsterdam is a wonderful place to visit, with its historic and beautiful locations. Amsterdam can actually be compared with Venice, in terms of architectural wonders. We can also fine open air marketplace, brown cafes and funky bars. Amsterdam is known as a liberal place since centuries ago. It is based on the principle of tolerance, things related to same-sex relationship and marijuana usages can be found commonly in the area. In this city, we should be able to obtain food from around the world, enjoy various masterpieces and tour the iconic canals. When we walk or ride the bake, we could follow the concentric shape of the city center. We could go through the historic lanes of the Plantage or the Jordaan district. There are many affordable hostels in Amsterdam and we should be able to stay through multiple hotels in the country. Some hostels are located directly in the monumental structures, with plenty of daylight, chandeliers and high ceilings. Regardless of what hostel we choose, it is important that we choose the one that provide us with genuine Holland experiences

We should also try to find hostels that provide us with power outlets, shower, lockers and comfortable beds. In hostels, we should be able to chat with any fellow traveller, relaxing in the living room and playing pool. The hostel should allow us to visit the downtown area. Many hostels in the Netherlands have bar and beer garden, allowing us to relax during the night. More expensive hostels can be designed by local designers, but they still provide more flexible and intimate surrounding that normal hotels. Some hostels can be located near important destinations, such as Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum. Whatever we do, we should try to unwind and relax at these hostels. We should be able to obtain excellent hangouts opportunities. Various cool, clean and self-styled hostels could provide us with so many things.