How to Choose And Maintain Car Cover?

It is clear that we need a good quality car cover to protect our vehicle. If we haven’t considered, then we should now. A well-made car cover could actually protect our car for up to 5 years. A good cover could be available for $50 to $100, depending on our car model and the car cover product we choose. However, it is important to consider various potential issues related to car cover. We should know the right type of cover that we could use for indoor and outdoor parking. For outdoor parking with more extreme environmental factors, such as snow and heavy rain, we need different kind of car cover. The humidity of weather also determines the type of car cover that we should use. In fact, a comprehensive and special car cover could be available for up to $500.

There are different solutions that we can use. As an example, we may choose to purchase a couple of affordable, good quality cover that can be placed on top of one another. The other solution is to choose a more comprehensive and more expensive cover. Whatever model we choose, we should make sure that the material is light and flexible enough. It should be able to tolerate moderate to extreme weather when our car is parked outside. Depending on the models, the choices in material for the fabrics can be quite overwhelming. We should also choose car cover that includes a duster, because it is a bad idea to put car cover when our car is dirty. It is especially because constant friction by wind movement could cause swirl marks on some spots.

It is also important to neatly fold the car cover, because crumples on the car cover could easily damage the surface of our car. This could cause scratches and swirl marks to appear more prominent on the surface of our car. Whatever we do, it is important to avoid dragging the fabric of the car cover on the paint surface of our car. If we do this frequently enough, there will be significant abrasion and in some cases, the paint can be stripped entirely from the surface. This defeats the purpose of using car cover in the first place. Wind can also be an issue. A bit of wind isn’t a big problem, but more intense wind could be a disaster for the visual appeal of our car. In fact, it is better to remove the cover when the condition is very windy.

Whatever we do, it is important to keep the cover clean. We should wash the cover regularly. After all, the car cover can be easily placed into the washing machine. Whatever we do, it is important to avoid using washing machine that uses central agitator. This could shred the fabric. Another good way is to wash the cover on the car itself. We could use the standard car wash shampoo on it. After the outside is clean, we could let it dry and then clean the other side of the cover.