Guide to dress like a bohemian

If you don’t know what bohemianism is till now, then know it knows. It is the practice of a lifestyle that is unconventional and majorly involves artistic, literary and musical pursuits. The people who follow such a lifestyle tend to stay away from the bourgeois mainstream culture and are called bohemians. They do everything differently, from leading their daily life to even styling their clothes. Currently, you don’t have to live on literary or artistic pursuits or even reject all of the bourgeois practices if you want to adopt the style of clothing and dressing up like a bohemian. This style is more commonly known as the boho chic style.

There are a lot of things that the boho style stands for, like adventures, free nomadic lifestyle, creativity, carefree spirit, individuality, etc. All these elements are represented in their clothing style. So when you wear bohemian dresses for women you will be expressing all these to the world. Here are some of the common ways in which you can look more like a bohemian.

  1. Bohemians are a fan of using natural materials. They favour anything that is knitted or woven over things that have synthetic fabric. Fabrics like silk, velvet, leather, linen, suede, cotton, fur, etc are favoured as they are natural fabrics. Any hand crocheted dress or cardigan is a great example. Even for beads, wooden and glass beads are favoured instead of plastic ones. They don’t use synthetic vinyl bags, rather they use ones made of canvas or leather.
  2. When it comes to colours also, they like everything to be quite natural. Bright colours are not their favourite. Colours like white, brown, ochre, beige, dark green, earthy red, orange, etc are chosen in their dresses and also their accessories. Even with these colours, there are infinite possibilities in which you can mix and match them in your outfits.
  3. Bohemian outfits have a lot of elements like fringes and tassels. They are included in skirts, shoes, jackets, tops, bags, shawls and even purses. Lucky charms are also added to their bracelets and the necklaces. Bohemian accessories that are much in demand right now are coin bracelets, feather earrings, shell chokers, etc.
  4. The bohemian wardrobe always has something with flower embroidery. It is simple yet beautiful. A gipsy wardrobe must have a flower embroidered bag.
  5. Bohemians are a fan of maxi dresses, maxi skirts, sarongs, kimonos, etc which are paired with long necklaces. Some of these dresses have intricate designs which make them look even more exotic.
  6. If you want to look bohemian, then you need to have a collection of shawls which can be used for multiple purposes like head ties, bag ties and head wraps. You can even use a bandana tied n the form of a head wrap. You can even make the bandana yourself.
  7. Printed fabrics are an absolute favourite of bohemians. It can be batik, tie and dye, ikat prints and also floral prints. Tribal and nature-inspired prints are also common. You can imagine the all-time favourite floral gipsy outfit.