The Best of Pattaya: Tips for Travellers

Pattaya, Thailand, is still one of the most visited destinations in the world, and there is a good reason for that. The beaches in Pattaya are incredibly beautiful and tranquil, but there is a lively night scene and plenty of things to do as well. This combination makes Pattaya perfect for different types of travellers.

You don’t have to have a complicated itinerary to be able to enjoy the city at its best. However, knowing some travel secrets will help you enjoy the best of Pattaya, even when you only have a short time to spend in the city. Here are some top tips to help you get started.

The Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach is perhaps one of the best kept secrets about Pattaya. Rather than spending time trying to enjoy crowded beaches, you can actually have a better time (and experience) going to Jomtien Beach. It is situated near Pattaya City; it isn’t more than a 15-minute drive from where you stay.

That drive is worth taking because Jomtien Beach is clean and gorgeous. It is also not as crowded as the beaches in Pattaya, which means you can have a more relaxing time there. Everything you would expect from a fun day at the beach is available there too.

Buffet Dinners

While you are in Pattaya, going for a buffet dinner is definitely a must. The dishes served in buffet dinners – especially the best ones – are much better than you think. Expect tasty meals and all-you-can-eat thrills when you do decide to go for a buffet in Pattaya.

Some buffet dinners are better than the rest. One the most famous buffets is the Buffet at the Pattaya Holiday Inn. There is another big advantage of going to this particular buffet too – you will be able to meet other international travellers and exchange stories and tips while having a nice dinner.


Speaking about meeting fellow travellers, communicating with others while you are in Pattaya is also highly recommended. Many international travellers you will meet in Pattaya are those who have been to the place several times, so you can get great insights from them.

The locals are friendly too. They are used to helping travellers enjoy the best of Pattaya and their English is very good. That said, you want to be careful when approaching locals because you may still run into scammers in certain places.

The Clubs

Even when you are not the party-going type, trying one or two clubs in Pattaya is still worth doing. Some clubs feature live music that is simply incredible. Others have performances scheduled at different times. It is really an experience that you have to try to fully appreciate.

Similar to visiting other parts of Pattaya, you also want to be extra careful when doing some club-hopping. If you have questions to ask, the bartender or waiters are there to help you. Of course, you can always ask fellow travellers too.

These are simple tips to keep in mind when you are visiting Pattaya, but they are simple tips that can enhance your experience even more. If you are serious about enjoying a pleasant time in the city, make sure you use these top tips to your advantage.