Getting The Authentic Muay Thai Experience and Travel

Muay Thai is a type of martial arts that is the national sport of Thailand. It is meant to use the entire body in combat and requires great physical and mental discipline. Techniques are divided into two groups called maemai and lukmai, which means major techniques and minor techniques, respectively. Training includes a number of different exercises, like medicine ball exercise, abdominal exercise, running, and more. Because it uses the entire body, it is often called “The Art of Eight Limbs”. The eight limbs are actually referring to eight points of contract – the hands, the elbows, the knees, and the feet. Its origins trace back to at least 15th century Thailand, though it could possibly be older. Today, it is a popular among mixed martial artists.

How is it Good for your Health?

This form of martial arts is healthy because it utilizes body conditioning for training. The constant twisting and turning of the body causes it to be able to take greater impacts during fighting, but it also adds muscle tone and strength. This is achieved through techniques like body weight resistance and common no-equipment exercises. Fat is burned in the course of training, so those who practice Muay Thai often gain the benefit of a fit body that you can be proud to take to the beach. People who train also pay attention to the nutrients that their body takes in, so diet also improves. Regular exercise is also proven to be a great mood booster.

Is Training different in Thailand?

Since Muay Thai provides such great health benefits, it’s an attractive option for anyone aspiring to improve their body and mind. With so much on the internet at your disposal, however, it’s hard to know if you’re getting an authentic version of the Thailand national sport. Some websites might tell you to practice one way, while others might tell you to practice another. This can also be different from a camp, which could teach other techniques.

Thai fighters will often use equipment like Thai pads, a heavy bag, and mitts. Thai pads are pads that cover hands and forearms so that the trainer is not harmed by the impact of the fighter. Some trainers will also wear an abdominal pad so that fighters can attack the body area. The intensity of the training and the fights means that fighters in Thailand do not have long careers. But for the best experience with Muay Thai training such as , you can easily travel to Thailand if you are in good health.

Why Travel to Train in Muay Thai?

The best reason to travel is because training camps outside of Thailand cannot quite provide the authentic experience. This hand-to-hand combat style has such a long history and varied techniques that it’s hard to find on the internet the same thing that you would get from travel. If you’re healthy and wish to practice Muay Thai seriously, a trip to the country where it originated is a great start.