Exploring Pisa

Ask anyone who has traversed through Europe and he/she will tell you that your trip is incomplete unless you visit Italy. For many decades, Italy has remained in the top spot as a beautiful country with many exotic and wonderful holiday destinations. Whether you are interested in fashion or tradition, modern wonders or historical artifacts, Italy offers you everything. In this article we will talk about exploring Pisa, a city in central Italy. We will discuss the best way to explore this wonderful city.

Exploring Pisa

  • Exploring Pisa by Car:

Don’t mistaken Pisa for a small country side town that you see in movies. Pisa is a large city and is the capital of the province of Pisa. It is nothing less than a metropolitan with a population of more than two hundred thousand residents. So now when you have an idea about the size of this city, it is only obvious that you will need a car to explore this city fully.

  • Exploring Pisa by Bike:

The weather in the city of Pisa is quite pleasant. On a nice sunny afternoon you can definitely enjoy exploring the city on a bike. However we won’t advice you to traverse through the entire city paddling on your bike. You should use the bike only for exploring nearby places. Anyplace that is not too far away from your hotel, you can take your bike with you. We have seen some bag packers who enjoy travelling through the city only on bike, but these travelers do not hesitate in changing hotels. So if you also don’t have any problems in changing hotels frequently, you can definitely try to explore Pisa solely on a bike.

  • Exploring Pisa on Foot:

Pisa is a beautiful city with ancient and medieval architecture. Obviously it won’t be possible to fully appreciate the historical heritage of the city when you are zooming past at high speeds in your car. The best way to appreciate Pisa and its beauty is to take a walk and see the places with a relaxed mind. You must have also heard that Italy is famous for its extraordinarily high class cuisine. Walking on foot will let you explore the rich Italian cuisine. You will have plenty of time to look around and try different exotic flavors that the Italian cuisine has to offer. And when you are tiered, there’s always the option of catching a cab back to your hotel.

Pisa is a large city and as a traveler you will not be able to enjoy its beauty to the fullest without a guide. You can try a map and visit the locations with its help but the best way to do it is to hire a guide so that you can visit all the popular tourist locations. Another benefit of having someone local by your side is that you won’t have any communication problems. It happens so many times that tourists do not speak the native language and find themselves lost with no one to help them to get back.