Best Christmas Celebrations In India

The biggest festival of the Christians, Christmas is a festival which excites each and everyone around the globe, for the kids impatiently wait for their beloved Santa to shower them with Christmas goodies, and adults seek blessings from their dear Jesus. The churches, markets, houses, streets; all are decked up and make for a jaw dropping spectacle during this time.

With Christmas comes parties, holidays, and grand feasts all around the world. Take a look here at how India celebrates this festival of joy.


If the word party and celebrations is mentioned, then Goa would be the first place to strike the mind of the all the party animals. Also, since Goa is majorly inhabited by Christians and has a deeply rooted Portuguese culture, this state celebrates Christmas like no other. The most happening parties are hosted here and the churches light up to their glorious best.



Park Street, the name that is synonymous with pomp and show is the spirit of Kolkata, especially during Christmas, when the whole street is adorned with twinkling lights, foot tapping music, and a delectable aroma of fruit and plum cakes that fills the air. Not just Christians, but people from all communities, indulge in this joyous event. To experience the best Christmas party in Kolkata, Park Street is the very place to be at.


For those who wish to experience a white christmas, Manali is the perfect destination. The snow covered streets and mountains, and the chill of the winter, along with the glittering show of lights and music, make Manali a perfect setup for that perfect Christmas celebration. Moreover, the naturally available fern trees, make up for those ideal Christmas trees. The whole atmosphere in Manali during Christmas makes Manali an ideal winter holidays’ destination spot.


The iconic White Town or French Quarters is at its best during the Christmas season. With its chic french bakeries emanating a delectable aroma of cakes and breads, and the whole street adorned with sparkling fairy lights, this side of Pondicherry attracts a lot of tourists during Christmas season. The other striking celebration hub is the Seafront which becomes even more alive during the festivities. Pondicherry’s pleasant weather in winters makes it one of the best places to visit in December in India.


With a major Christian population in the city, the mega city of India takes up the whole celebration fervour up a few notches. The city has a host of luxurious hotels, cafes, and street markets that seem like as if they have been fed with a magical potion to get that boost of energy. Christmas is celebrated in Mumbai with full zeal and vigour.