Basketball: Why You Need to Become a Great Shooter

Shooting is no doubt the single most important skill in basketball. Yet, there are very few great shooters. Why? It is a combination of factors that we’re going to discuss. From proper release to having the right mindset.

It is first and foremost, a skill. However, without a lot of repetition, it is a skill that will lack the fine tuning it requires to be great. Shooting is also a skill that any player, no matter their skill level are, can improve. That’s right. There is no excuse why you can’t be a better shooter. And all you need are these: a ball and a goal. It has to be a priority. You need to be dedicated.

Great Shooter: Born or made?

Are great shooters born? Or are they made? Each potential learning how to shoot a basketball has to learn that it takes hard work, good concentration and a lot of practice to develop a good shooting eye.

Indeed. The old adage “shooters are made, not born” is true. They are made through many long hours of practice. And more practice. It doesn’t matter, whether it is ball handling, dribbling, shooting or learning other phases of the game. One thing is certain: practice is important.

Keep in mind that there is no instant success to being a great shooter. Shooting habits must be developed over a period of time.

Basketball Why You Need to Become a Great Shooter

Why it matters

The more you work on your shot and your game, the more results will come to your way. There is no shortcut. As we’ve said earlier, no matter what one’s skill level is, it can always be improved.

How bad do you want to be a great shooter? There is always room on a team for a great shooter. A team can never have too many great shooters. After all, it is a skill that every coach needs and wants on his team.

So, why is it matter?

Because it leads to winning. It is not a coincidence that teams that usually shoot the higher field goal percentage in games win. Another key is shot selection. A bad shot sometimes can be just like a turnover. Always know situation and time during the game.

Always remember the fundamental. Basketball is actually an easy game. However, a lot of us, both players and coaches, overcomplicate it.

What every player who aspires to be a great shooter needs to keep in mind?

That’s right. Fundamentals. Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. It will help you achieve your desired goals of becoming what you want to be, a great shooter. So, don’t waste any more time. Get in the gym and start practicing. Remember, fundamentals never change.

A team will never have too many great shooters. Every team needs and wants them. Every coach needs and wants them. If you become a great shooter, no doubt it will improve the chance of your team winning. It needs a lot of practice. But, your time and effort will be worthwhile. Good luck!