Soccer: How to Improve Your Foot Skills in Just Two Weeks

Can you? Yes, you can. In soccer, really good foot skills in soccer came from hours, months and years of practice. However, in just two weeks, you can get started on foot skills program. If you follow it thoroughly, it will help you create good habits and eventual competence.

Without further ado, here’s how.

Step 1: Juggling

Start with juggling. Juggle a soccer ball for 20 minutes minimum, 6 days a week. Leave a day so you can rest your ankles and feet.

Tap the ball lightly with the area of your soccer cleats, atop your toes. If you want easier control and to make the ball softer, you can release some of the ball’s air pressure. If, at first, you can barely tap the ball twice in a row, be patient. You’ll get better in time. As you get better, point your toes up higher. And, place a backspin on the ball so it rises toward the front of your shin. Work especially on your nondominant foot.

Soccer How to Improve Your Foot Skills in Just Two Weeks

Step 2: Wall Practice

Practice kicking the ball against the wall. Focus on the push pass from the side of your foot. Also, work on alternating your feet with gentle control from about 6 feet away at the beginning. Move about 25 feet from the wall and start practicing the instep drive, a more powerful punchy kick using the foot’s top. In two weeks of wall practice 3 days a week, you will improve your dominant foot. Your nondominant foot will take longer.

Step 3: Dribbling

Work on your dribble. Push the ball slightly ahead of you. Do this so you can maintain control as you move forward. Nudge the ball with your instep, the inside and outside of your foot. Experiment with varying the angle and pressure applied to the ball’s surface. Do this in your free time.

Step 4: Turning

Practice turning with the ball. Try to dribble in a straight line for about 8 feet. Then, plant your foot so you block the rolling ball and send it back 180 degrees in the other direction. Angle your foot so you can block it with the inside or the outside of your cleats. Work on turning about 10 minutes a day, for 3 to 6 days a week.

Step 5: Partner drills

Yes, step up to partner drills.

For example, dribbling around a partner using your turns and emerging dribbling skills. Simultaneously, shield the ball from your partner by keeping your body between him and the ball. Try to roll the ball in the direction you want by placing your cleats on the ball’s top to send it a few inches in any direction. Held out your arms for balance as well as to hold off your practice partner. Focus on dribbling under pressure as much as you can.

You can do these by scheduling practice time with a friend. Or, you can attend pickup games to improve your foot skills during an actual game.