Attractive Creations In Men’s Kurta That Are Must Haves For Weddings

Stylized kurtas are very attractive for men that can make them look every bit exquisite in appearance. Kurtas have become very popular nowadays and men take considerable pride in wearing this ethnic outfit that has long history attached to it. It is not well know about the time when this marvelous costume first made its appearance, but there are plenty of evidence about its existence in the Mughal period, when the mighty Mughal emperors ruled the sub continent of India that includes Pakistan and Bangladesh. Therefore, wearing kurtas is a way of celebrating the historical lineage and staying connected to the roots. The appeal of kurtas is so unique that no wedding can be complete without it.


The city of Hyderabad has been famous for its erstwhile rulers, the Nizams of Hyderabad who were famous for their opulent lifestyle. They have contributed immensely to the culture of the region that has manifested in some special cuisines of the Mughal era and is even popular today as Hyderabadi biryani.  The deep cultural impact is also witnessed in dresses like the Hyderabadikurta that has become a fashion buzz word today.  The style of the kurta is reminiscent of the cultural tradition of the Nizams and is crafted authentically to make you look gorgeous and resolute.  Made from costly fabrics that are decorated with classy embroidery it has a shorter length than the traditional kurta. Having a few pieces in your wardrobe could add much value to your fashion quotient.


Although this type of kurta originally belonged to North India, it has now broken the geographical boundaries and can be seen all over the country including the international fashion arena. The specialty of this kurta is its style that looks more like a robe than a tunic. If you are looking for more variety in mens kurta designs, then this could be the best bet.  There is significant amount of flamboyance in the design that has to be supported by heavy weight fabrics like linen, polyester and silk and embellishments can be used to make the dress dazzle. This can be a great choice for wearing on special occasions.


The Dogrikurta is the creation of fashion innovators who have successfully built on the foundation of basic kurta design to create this one of its kind kurta.  Moving away from the traditional kurta that has to be slipped over the head at the time of wearing, the Dogrikurta is of front open design and thus easy to wear and remove. The upper part of the kurta has a tighter fit as compared to the portion down from the waist where it gets considerably flared. Besides the convenience of wearing, this kurta is unique in its heavy thread work design that is skillfully crafted all over the chest and the frontal portion up to the waist. The kurta hails from the Himachal Pradesh and Jammu region but has been able to become popular across the country and has even reached off shore.