Alanya Paragliding

Alanya Paragliding

Alanya has many spots to be enjoyed, included from the air. Not only in the water, a holiday in the air is also very recommended to be tried. From about the 800 meters from the ground, with Alanya Paragliding, we will enjoy the scenery of Alanya. Paragliding is a sport that involves us to flying using paraglider. Besides of assisted by a professional team of paragliding, a pilot also guides us during the air tour. With Alanya Paragliding, we can get new experience of the holiday. There are also services and things we should prepare for getting ready for paragliding.

Alanya Paragliding


We do not need to worry about how to get to paragliding spot because the team is ready to pick us up from the hotel. The service of paragliding starts from 9.30 AM until 4.00 PM. Starts from 55 euros per person, we can go paragliding wherever we want and everything will be settled by the professional paragliding team. We can also get paragliding on the mountain, and it needs 20 minutes to go there. We will fly in the air for about twenty-five minutes. The service is really convenient because after we complete our paragliding, the team will drop us back to our hotel.

Things to be Concerned

Although the professional team assists us during the paragliding, there are things that we should pay attention to. Firstly, make sure that we use comfortable clothes. Secondly, do not forget to wear sunglasses, this is so important to protect our eyes from any things that may disturb our sight. Third, use sturdy shoes to avoid any inevitable conditions. Next, a bottle of water is important to prevent us from dehydrating because paragliding is still kind of sport. Then, the most crucial thing is, we need to pay attention to our weight. The weight allowed to do paragliding is ranging from 25 kg to 120 kg.


Besides of the service like the equipment, and the paragliding itself, we will be the picked up from the hotel & dropped back to the hotel service, and insurance. These facilities do not include drinks, personal expenditures, and also video & photo. So, bringing along the camera is a must because the scenery of Alanya from above is worth to keep. Then, do not forget to bring the spare clothes because unavoidable things might happen. Happy flying!

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