Advantages of Rental Apartments Over Hotels

Are you planning to go on a vacation to Edinburgh? Have you thought where you will stay while on vacation? Accommodation is a major factor to consider when planning a holiday. You can either stay in a hotel or rent an apartment. Between the two, there are substantial benefits to staying in a vacation rental over a hotel room. Here are some of the benefits of rental apartments.


Edinburgh apartments are located in central Edinburgh, a few minutes’ drive to some of the most popular attraction sites. The best thing about staying in a rental apartment is that they are built with an intention in mind; to keep you close to your destination.


This is the main benefit of staying in a vacation rental over a hotel. Hotels are noisy as there are workers and other clients moving around the premises. However, this is very different when you are staying in a rental apartment. In fact, most rental apartments have rules to protect vacationers from rowdy clients. Besides the noise, privacy is guaranteed. At no time will you receive unauthorised guests. The apartments have every appliance you need. As a vacationer, you will shop for your groceries or choose to eat out.

Private amenities

If you want to enjoy a romantic and relaxing holiday in Edinburgh, then stay in a rental apartment. There are so many amenities you will enjoy that you would have missed by renting a hotel room. These amenities include swimming pools and hot tubs.

They are spacious

Rental apartments provide larger accommodation than hotel rooms. They are ideal when travelling as a family or group. Rental apartments differ in sizes. You can book a 2, 3 or 4-bedroom apartment depending on the number of guests.  This is contrary to most hotel rooms which are limited in size.

They are cheaper

Holiday homes are cheaper than hotel rooms. First, if you are travelling with your family, you may require renting different hotel rooms for kids. This is an extra cost eliminated by staying in a holiday apartment. Apartments are much cheaper as the cost of your stay is determined as a package. As a vacationer, you need to compare several holiday packages to choose the most affordable package. You can also rent cheaper apartments by taking advantage of holiday discounts and offers usually available over the holiday seasons.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Rental apartments provide a home away from home. These homes are clean compared to hotel rooms. They are also executively-furnished to make you feel at home. In terms of hygiene, you can be assured of what you eat by preparing your own food.

Holidays should be fun. Make sure that you relax and enjoy your holiday by staying in one of the best rental apartments in Edinburgh. As you plan your holiday, let accommodation be your first priority.