7 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs

7 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs

Bored reading about the latest technology and market trends? If yes, then now let’s shift to the business world. Business is the most complex term in the world, a word that is liaison with the dominance of the male. However, in this man-powered sector, certain women are paving their way to the top. Entrepreneurship is the domain that has allowed women to own some of the largest businesses in the world. Women are embracing entrepreneurship and are refining the power and broadly scaling new heights in it. Among these brave women, seven women have been highlighted for you to get inspiration and see how they have conquered all the obstacles placed in their path:

1. Sara Blakely (Net Worth: $1 Billion)

Sara Blakely is a true powered entrepreneur whose success story is worth a read. She started her journey at the age of 29 by founding SPANX Inc, a multi-dollar apparel company renowned for its legging and pants production. She had only $5000 with which she started SPANX and now have become the most powerful American Billionaire Women. The Company has started producing male garments since 2010 and has been a popular choice for male celebrities. Her success story demonstrates us that everything is possible if we have the strong conviction on it; believe that we are resourceful beyond measures.  SPANX Inc is ranked more than 250$ million in revenue with a profit margin of 20%.

2. Tory Burch (Net Worth: $1 Billion)

Tory Burch, a name associated with high-end fashion and design. Tory Burch is a powerful entrepreneur who founded the US’s most powerful fashion label Tory Burch LLC in 2004. Referred to as Billionaire Queen, she has worked with popular designers such as Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, and Narciso Rodriguez before launching her own brand. Her company is now said to be valued at more than $3.5 billion. The business explored tremendously when Oprah endorsed it. the company is said to have 3000 departments and specialty stores worldwide. Tory is one of the wealthiest women as well as a philanthropist who has also founded Breast Cancer Research Foundation to aid women suffering from cancer.

3. Yuan Lan (Net Worth: estimated $1.1 billion)

Yuan Lan is a powerful women entrepreneur who is associated with the Chinese media industry. She is a co-founder of one of the most dynamic media amalgamation in China called Sun Media. The media empire covers not only electronic media but also print media such as newspaper, magazines and more. Yuan Lan is also a host who has the privilege of interviewing prominent personalities such as Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates and Kobe Bryant among others.

4. Arianna Huffington (Net Worth: $50 Million)

Arianna Huffington is an accomplished Greek-American author and the founder of ‘The Huffington Post’ as her name implies. The site is featured with the header which has a principle behind her book “Thrive: The Third Metric to Success”. She has sold the company at $315 million but still plays an active part in the daily operation of the business. She has been an influential entrepreneur with 13 great books written in the year 2009. At the moment, she is also on the onboard directors of the app Uber. She believes in the notion that what’s important for success is the individual prioritizing of the health and wellness. She is one of the most powerful ladies out there in the world.

5. J.K Rowling (Net Worth: $1 Billion)

A personality known by all, she is a lady that provided us with the great story Harry-potter, a bestselling story and a movie that we all have read and watched growing up. Her success story is phenomenal and rekindles the notion that everyone is capable of striving forward and attaining success as she herself was a destitute single mom, a story that is not less than a fairy tale. Other than Harry Potter, her book Sorcerer’s Stone has also gained great popularity among individuals. She now also owns properties worth hundreds of million dollars. Her story is truly inspirational for the women out there to never stop making efforts.

6. Beyonce (Net Worth: $450 Million)

Beyonce, famous for her pop singing, is also a co-founder of a clothing brand “House of Dereon”. She is a brand in the music industry having a personal fortune of $450 million and combined with her husband Jay Z, a richest American rapper; it becomes more than $1 billion. Also, in the year 2012, she launched her website shop.beyonce.com where she markets her brand apparels and accessories. She has also produced her own HBO documentary “Life is but a Dream”. She possesses such aura that influences people of all places to be it the famous host, Oprah or President Obama. Most of her fortune is build up of various endorsements, investments, and her own clothing line.

7. Oprah Winfrey (Net Worth: $3 Billion)

She is a lady loved by all. She is a multi-talented personality who has demonstrated her talent as an actress, talk show host, producer and a philanthropist. She has a very traumatic childhood but now lives a life that she only dreamed of. A venture that led to her this fame, wealth and recognition are the ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’, which has been the best longest running daytime show aired, having highest rating and a total 25 seasons. She is one the most powerful entrepreneur in the world who is liked by all. Her story is a true rag to riches story, a great read to get inspiration from.

The stories of these strong, brave and powerful ladies tell us that being an entrepreneur may feel like a solo endeavor but by having the capacity to easily navigate uncertainty one can most certainly achieve the iconic status in this business-oriented world where opportunities will fall in your way more conveniently.


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