6 Things You Need To Know Before Replacing Your Rugs

Not many people are aware of the fact that a correct carpet is perhaps the most important part of the room. We do not notice it at first but as we enter the room this is the largest surface that we see, but just because of that we do not pay that much attention to it.

But a great carpet can go unnoticed as it is there to bring the other parts of our room into perspective. So the greatest ability of a carpet is actually to tie the whole room together and make the whole concept go hand in hand with each other. But sometimes you need to take matters into your hand and opt for a different concept in order to freshen up the look of your room.

So people would sometimes choose the option of removing the old carpet and exchanging it with another. But if you decide to do it, you need to consider some things before you start doing it all by yourself. Sure, it is much cheaper if you decide to pull everything out and remove it on your own, but there are certain things you need to take into perspective first. Continue reading and find out the most important facts.

Preparing the Space

When you are dealing with this kind of issue, the first thing and the most logical one is to move all the furniture about of the way. As you will need to get rid of the rug, you will have to move the furniture about in order to do it.

Some people would move one piece and then take out a part of the rug and then another part of the furniture and another piece of the rug and so forth. This is a tedious and overwhelming task and takes up too much time and energy. The best way is to remove all the piece of furniture entirely. But there another problem arises and that is where to temporarily store the furniture.

You can find some space in other parts of the house or even put it in your garage if you have the room. But generally speaking this is all unfortunate as people always lack space where to put their furniture like that, even for a short amount of time. This is always the first issue that you have to address before starting to remove your rug.

6 Things You Need To Know Before Replacing Your Rugs

Deal with the Doors

Dealing with the doors that swing inside the room is always a problem. In order for you to freely remove all the obstacles in front of you it is necessary that you deal with this as well. The doors, even the closet doors or shelve doors, represent a bothersome thing in front of you and can best be dealt with if you remove them entirely.

That way you can go on to freely exchange the rugs. Also some thresholds and other type of hardware may be a problem as well. It is best if you replace it and deal with this that way.

Manage the Strips as Well

The strips around the carpet are those metal things that hold the carpet together or hold it in balance with in the room. When removing the carpet you will first need to remove them entirely. In some situations they can be reused or put back in after you bring in the new carpet.

After a long period of time the strips can become rusty and the mold can also affect them, rendering them useless sometimes. When you decide to exchange your carpet or remove it entirely it is a good idea to check if they can be used again but in most situations you will need some new ones. With a new rug, new strips are always in order.

Make the Carpet Smaller

If you are already getting rid of the carpet, you needn’t worry about the condition it is in. So this means that you will certainly not mind cutting it or damaging it in any way. Make your job easier and the removal quicker by making the rug smaller. This means that the entire carpet will be far more difficult to remove as a whole but if it were smaller the job would go much smoother.

Take a utility knife and cut the rug up into smaller pieces or actually smaller strips. You can easily roll the strips while you are done cutting in and fold them up and take them away like that. It will make the job much easier and the actual disposal even quicker. Don’t hesitate with this because you are already getting rid of the rug so cutting it up should not be a large issue.

The Actual Disposal of the Carpet

This can sometimes be a tricky part. When dealing with the disposal of the carpet and removing it you need to follow a certain set of rules and act accordingly when removing it. If you do manage to cut the carpet into strips and try to remove it like that it could be much easier to do.

You will only need to neatly label it as many municipal companies will accept it like that. On the other hand, if you decide to get rid of the rug as a whole, you will have to order a dumpster to throw it away or in fact think of another method to do it. Either way, it is not easy and fast at all to do this so it will require some additional effort as well and time spent. Devise your strategy in advance before you start the job.

6 Things You Need To Know Before Replacing Your Rugs

Use Protective Equipment

It is of paramount importance that you use the required protective equipment while removing carpets. There is certainly going to be a lot of dust and a lot of debris as a result from your work and you will have to protect yourself during the process.

This professional carpet cleaning service recommends using the protective gloves to deal with the hard work of removing strips and dealing with the cutting. You will protect your hands against abrasions and cuts this way. As there is going to be a lot of dust you will need appropriate eye protection and a mask. In order to prevent breathing in all the rubbish that comes out form the rug and the dust that has accumulated beneath it you will certainly need a protective mask to prevent you breathing it in.

Appropriate eye protection is also a must as you will get to see everything better and also protect your eye sight at the same time. All of this is absolutely necessary when dealing with the removal of the rugs because your own personal safety is your most important thing.

In conclusion, it is not that difficult to do this kind of a job by yourself. There are some companies that specialize in doing this kind of work and can deal with the whole process for you, but if you are determined to manage everything on your own, these are the most important factors that you need to watch for.