6 Handy Tips to Secure Your Oregon Business

As a new business owner, you may have a lot of things in mind. From choosing a business idea, creating a business plan, knowing how to set up your business to how you should manage to make it successful.

Another factor in managing your business is to keep it secure. This article will list down some tips on how you can secure your business.

Tips to Secure Your Business

As we advance and evolve in many ways, the risks that we encounter also do the same. Especially in a world dominated and run digitally, unlawful individuals can use this to take advantage. For new business owners, here are a few tips to secure your business.

1. Register Your Business

The most effective way of securing your business is to register it and make it legal. Registering your business as an LLC will prevent you from legal problems, this will also make you a legally recognized business. You can register your business by filing the Articles of Organization in the Secretary of State. For business owners in Oregon, the Oregon LLC cost starts at $100. You also need to secure licenses and permits to legally operate.

2. Secure your servers.

Since most crimes nowadays are committed digitally, it is wise that you secure the servers used for your business. Strong firewalls can limit entry points of potential cybersecurity threats.

3. Keeping your emails clean and use strong passwords

Aside from securing your servers, you also need to maintain clean emails. You can opt for software that scans any incoming email for suspicious links that may contain viruses and other digital threats.

Another way to present potential security breach is by using stronger passwords and activating a two-factor authentication for logging in to any business devices. These may seem inconvenient but are beneficial in keeping your business safe.

4. Invest in an excellent alarm system.

For non-digital threats, these often happen in the physical setting. One effective way is by investing in an excellent alarm system. Some of the modern security systems in the market today are designed to sense, decide, and act.

5. Install security cameras.

Aside from an alarm system, it is also helpful to install security cameras in your place of business. Security cameras have two primary purposes which are investigation and deterrence. Images recorded by the security camera can be used to review an incident or a crime that happened.

Additionally, installing security cameras can serve as a deterrent since individuals who know they are being watched usually put on the best behavior.

6. Create a visitor management policy.

There will be individuals coming in and out of your business place. This can also be a source of potential dangers if security is not managed well. Unauthorized, unescorted, and unsupervised individuals can easily get a hold of sensitive information inside your company. To address this, you can create a visitor management policy for your business to effectively monitor entry and exit within the company. The policy should indicate whether visitors should be escorted at all times, or only in specific areas.

Additionally, it can also include procedures such as wearing of a visitor’s pass and a requirement to sign in and out for every visit. If the policy is cascaded efficiently, your staff can also serve as surveillance in order to keep your company safe.

Keeping the business secured must be one of the priorities of business owners. A secured business will lead to a successful one. We hope that the tips above will help you on how to secure your business effectively.