6 Great Mid-to-Late Summer RV Destinations

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There’s nothing like traveling on the open road without losing all of the comforts and amenities of home. Such are the luxuries of owning a recreational vehicle and hitting the road for the summer. Even though we’re on the closer side of Fall, there is still plenty of vacationing to be had — for those who own recreational vehicles as well as those who do not.

It’s easy as pie to purchase an RV in today’s age, and you can even take a virtual tour of the inside of one without leaving your own couch. If you don’t have a recreational vehicle, you can still access and camp at many of the below destinations, but they are just that much better to visit when you’re traveling in your own little slice of heaven-on-wheels.

Staying Safe

Before leaving on your expeditions, make sure that you have covered all of your bases. AMR Air has a great before and after medical checklist for traveling abroad. Before you leave on any big trip, they suggest you:

  • Review your health insurance coverage. Make sure before traveling that your insurance coverage will meet actual cost of your trip.
  • Gather contact information. AMR Air suggests gathering information for primary physician, insurance supplier, and any emergency contacts you might need.
  • Plan your transportation. Research the area you’re going to so you don’t get lost.
  • Put together an itinerary. It’s always smart to let other people know where you’re going — just in case there’s an emergency.
  • Gather a medical kit. Include a standard first aid kit, in case of a minor emergency, as well as a kit with prescriptions that have a few extra doses, also in case of an emergency.
  • Update your vaccines. This is only applicable to those who might be traveling internationally, but still wise to check into.

Now that you’ve made your safety preparations, get ready to hit the road!

Southern Destinations

Vicksburg, Mississippi

If you’re looking for the perfect summer drive or a nocturnal show underneath the stars, look no further than Vicksburg, Mississippi. There are more RV parks than you could count on one hand, including the Chotard Landing Resort if you fancy yourself a fisherman (or fisherwoman!). If you like the waterfront, but are more interested in the waterfront casinos than fishing, you can always gamble to your heart’s content. The Ameristar RV Park is right next to the Ameristar Casino, for those who want to roll the bones. Yahoo has Vicksburg listed as their #1 RV vacation that “you need to take right now”.

Key West Florida

Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, southwest Florida’s Key West is a must-see if you’ve never been there before. Pristine beaches and tropical climate are to die for — but make sure you bring your sunscreen so you aren’t actually putting your hide on line! For those real thrill seekers, take a tour of some of Key West’s famous haunted sites and see why the Travel Channel has identified it as one of America’s “Most Haunted” locations. If you’d rather stick to snorkeling and camping, check out Dry Tortugas National Park.

Campers in California

Pine Grove California

In the 1850’s, people from all across America headed west to California during the great gold rush. That’s why it should be no surprise that campgrounds will have names like Gold Country Campground Resort. Roaring Camp doesn’t share the gold-laden name, but they do provide family activities like rafting, swimming, camping, fishing, and hiking. Of course, you can pan and dredge for gold in at the local tourist spots, but you can also try gold nugget hunting with a metal detector of your own bringing!

San Francisco

Fewer cities could contend as cultural hubs of Northern California than San Francisco, but the rolling hills by the bay and the majestic golden gate bridge signal one of the most beautiful cities in the Golden State. Campgrounds are a little harder to come by in the second most densely populated city in the entire USA, but they’re there if you know where to look. Don’t miss this beautiful urban sprawl, which made #8 on The Street’s10 Best End-of-Summer Vacation Destinations”.

Wild Northwest

The Waterfront at Potlatch

Located in Skokomish, WA, the Waterfront at Potlatch is listed by City Voter as one of the best RV parks in the Pacific Northwest. Just a short drive away from Olympia, Tacoma, and Seattle, the Waterfront features laid-back rooms and log cabins for those without a camper, a private beach, and even a BBQ area with boat launch ramps. There’s nothing like the evergreen Northwest, and with the Olympic National Forest as a backdrop, there’s little chance one would regret this stay.

Crater Lake National Park (Big Blue Crater)

If you’re not looking to go as far north as Washington, perhaps Oregon will do! Crater Lake National Park is one heck of a beauty, and is named after a gigantic water-filled crater. It is actually the deepest lake in the United States, with a depth of 1,900 feet. The National Park gets busy during the summer time, there should be plenty of campgrounds for you to relax at. Don’t miss this national wonder!

Enjoy yourself this summer, and above all remember to be safe! Happy travels!