5 Unheard Islands In The Europe To Explore With An EU Passport

islands in the Europe

While Ibiza, Sicily and Corsica are renowned islands in the Europe, what about the lesser known? If there’s a Robinson Crusoe hidden inside you that’s trying to break free and explore Europe unlike any other, here are some stunning islands to offer a windswept and heart-pumping experience altogether!

islands in the Europe

1. Foula, Scotland: Heaven for Hikers

Reward is worth all the efforts of getting to Europe’s most secluded yet colonized islands; Foulain Scotland is a heaven for hikers. And the excitement can be doubled if you’re lucky to catch a glimpse Minke whale or an orca. It’s possible if you’re cruising across the Atlantic by ferry from Shetland’s centre.

This remote outpost also offers a jaw-dropping hiking scene that Romans labelled as “end of the world”. As you trek across the island’s lofty crests, chances of encountering another human are slim especially when you’re trekking to The Sneugthat’s the highest at 418 metres.

Keep an eye out for Bonxies as the Skuassoar high and swift that aren’t very pleased with visitors and there’ve been incidents of knocking the hikers right off the track.

2. Porto Santo, Portugal: For Beach Lovers

Almost everyone’s familiar with Madeira but what about Porto Santo; its Macaronesian neighbour! It’s hardly 15 kilometres long but offers the best beach experience. The primary attraction is golden sand that makes an epic sweep right besides the ferry landing. It stretches to a distance of 7 kilometres known by savvy visitors from Portugal’s mainland who, alongside European visitors delve in the charm of this serene island.

3. Saaremaa, Estonia: An Explorer’s Dream

Natives of Tallinn; the Estonian capital, usually flock around the Baltic Sea that mightn’t be the world’s warmest but boast brilliant beaches. Spring season is the best time to visit as winters are extremely cold whereas summer is all crowded.

When there, you’ve a chance to rest in cosy wooden sheds; all snuggled under the line of trees! Explore further on a rental bike and look around for seals and seabirds. Bears also show up occasionally so you’ve to be careful!

4. Lastovo, Croatia: Covert Retreat

EU residency holders have this ultimate chance to visit the charming Lastovo in Croatia that’s mostly flooded by tourists besides the usual Hvarand Brač. The remote island represents rich architecture from Venetian-era whereas the island’s natural attractions are recognised by Croatian government. Local waters provides a rich bounty of seafood especially the local lobster.

5. Graciosa, Spain: For the Relaxed Wanderers

It’s time to forget those images of sunbathing and hustle on the beaches of Canary Isles as Graciosa is a perfect getaway to bounce over the surfs just wearing a pair of sandals. Surprisingly, the small island is road-free, rather sandy paths that shifts with the wind and water between the whitewashed homes of CaletadelSebo; capital of the island. Walk towards the north is epic that’ll take you straight towards one of five volcanoes and the white sands of the Playa de las Concha.


Make the most of your EU passport by visiting these islands for an enchanting and unforgettable experience.