5 Novels You Must Make Your Kids Read Before They Turn 18

5 Novels You Must Make Your Kids Read Before They Turn 18

As your child is growing up, they get exposed to the world outside. Till the time they dwell within the boundaries of the house they need to know the world through the books. The authors of the world have infested our literature with a wide variety of creations and the childhood flavours of book are cherished throughout the life. Get them these books which will help develop their outlook and imagination.

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain:

Mark Twain has prioritised children’s literature through both these works. It narrates the stories of Tom who stayed with his aunt and was a master of playing truants. The story narrates all the adventures he comes across in his little life. Huckleberry is a similar character and Twain merges both of them as Tom meets Huck in one of the expeditions and they head on to other adventures together with making of raft or chasing the evil people.

5 Novels You Must Make Your Kids Read Before They Turn 18

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl:

The author has endowed all his creative imagination in the Willi Wonka’s chocolate factory which gives the imagery of the rivers of chocolates which mesmerises the child imagination. The story narrates of Charlie belonging from a very poor family who becomes the lucky child to visit Wonka’s chocolate factory and was gifted with the opportunity of staying there along with his family so that they would not be starved anymore. The river, houses made of chocolates and the different recipes of Wonka are bound to captivate a child’s imagination and creativity. Roald Dahl, being an author for the children had ensured that his writings make the children fascinated to literature and the habit of reading.

Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens:

An English social writer, Dickens has demonstrated the condition of the orphanages of England through Oliver Twist. Oliver, an orphan was destined to stay in the workhouse. They were ill treated, were hardly provided with food and were beaten up terribly. The story portrays How Oliver escapes with assistance of Artful Dodger engages himself in juvenile pic-pocket and then Fagin helps him to become a criminal. The story ends by Oliver being rescued from the world of criminals by Mr. Brownlow. Being one of the most acclaimed works of Dickens, the story narrates the circumstances which leads to the children turn out to be a criminal. You child can relate the hardships which follow human life and is interesting to read.

Harry Potter, J.K Rowling:

The Harry Potter series by Rowling takes your kid to the world of fantasy, magic, good and bad witches. The flying broom and the magical school of Harry is all the fun elements. The stories come in a series and each narrates of the friction between Harry Potter and the evil magical powers which try to effect him and the society. He with his friends Ron and Hermoine has become the most popular children fiction in the last 21st century and becomes a must read for your children besides watching the films.

Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Anderson:

The author writes a little romantic love story of a mermaid who lives in a ocean and is willing to give up her life in order to acquire herself a soul of human for love of a human prince. The Little Mermaid is a love story for kids. Conventionally it appeals to your little princess but you can never know when your prince loves the story too. Reading any books develops a passion for reading which helps them in a long run!