3 Of The Best Restaurants In Napa Valley

The Napa Valley in scenic Northern California is one of the most visited tourist destinations in California and the United States. This lush region is well known for having some of the best wine on the planet. This area also shines in the culinary sense with many top level restaurants and even a couple of Michelin stars hanging around. However for new visitors or even locals it can be hard to find the right place to eat. In this article we will go over some of the best Napa restaurants and what makes them so great.


In the town of Yountville in the Napa Valley is the entrancing Redd. The head chef, Richard Reddington brings a Spanish fusion infused cuisine to the area. This fantastic spot evokes a mix of old New York and Spain and many of the dishes pair very nicely with local wines. Since this is a local spot you can find many varietals of wine that do not make it far out of the Napa Valley. Another draw is the beautiful restaurant building which was designed by legendary American architect Asfour Guzy. Look out for the caramelized pork belly or the fresh sardines on rye bread.


This restaurant has been consistently rated the best Italian restaurant in Napa for a number of years. While the food here is classic Italian rustic cuisine they manage to spice it up with a couple of new kicks. They use a great deal of greenery and local vegetables in order to minimize their environmental impact. One unique quality at Oenotri is the fact that they typically use imported Italian wines rather than the ubiquitous French wines that are typically served in the area. Curtis Di Fede and his co-chef Tyler Rodde have an ever changing menu that varies with the days and seasons so every time you visit there are guaranteed to be something new.

Tacos Garcia

When one thinks of Napa they do not typically think of Mexican food. However there has been a large Hispanic and especially Mexican presence in the area since before the state joined the United States. While Tacos Garcia is not your typical Napa eatery it still manages to serve amazing food at great prices compared to restaurants in the area. Food is actually served out of a taco truck but do not let that scare you away. It can be hard to even get served here due to how popular the restaurant is. One particular favorite are the carne asada tacos with garlic and parsley marinade. Keep in mind it is bring your own wine.

If you manage to stop at all three or even one of these restaurants you should have a wonderful time in Napa.