15 Things You Must Remember Before Travelling


Let’s go over on the things that we must take when travelling locally or abroad. This is just a quick rundown of all the travelling guidelines you can find online. Packing things could be the most tedious job of all. But of course, when you have a trip abroad or some countries you are not familiar with, then some adjustment is needed.

15 Things You Must Remember Before Travelling

However, we should always pack less and relax. I’m sure you want to enjoy more and not sweat most of the time.

  1. Get a map and small travelling booklets with you because in that way, you will not waste time looking for the places you want to visit.
  2. Always buy your tickets online because online tickets are way cheaper as it does not include the agent’s commission and you can easily compare the prices offered by different airlines. Pick the best that would work on your budget.
  3. Make an itinerary of your journey and book tickets months in advance so that you could save a lot of money. Book your accommodation as early as possible. Check some hotels such as that accept early reservation; two best examples are Holiday Inn Parramatta in Sydney, Australia and Hyatt Hotel in Washington.
  4. Always remember to take a camera, a handy cam, GoPro, or your smartphone so that you can capture good memories of your trip. Just carry what’s best for the trip.
  5. Find out what is the weather in that place by the time you will be travelling so that you know what to wear and what clothes you need to bring. If you are about to visit a beach, then bring some proper swimwear. You must be aware about the culture, history, and people of the place you are visiting so that you can feel comfortable.
  6. Organize your passport, money and all necessary documents in a single pouch or handy bag so that you can carry it anywhere you go.
  7. Clothes with lots of pockets are an ideal thing to wear. In this way, you can carry all important stuff in your pockets.
  8. Don’t bring food because it will only consume space and besides. Food and beverage are available in the place you will visit, so you do not need to worry.
  9. Flip-flops and light shoes are the best when strolling around the city.
  10. Bring a couple of tees and two-three jeans, some shorts, or dresses. In short, clothes will depend on the weather and culture of the place you will visit. For toiletries, carry sample size of toothpaste, soap, and shampoo to maximize the space of your luggage.
  11. You must bring regular medicines for cough, cold or fever.
  12. Must be aware about the weather, history and people of the place you are visiting so that you can feel comfortable and you won’t be able to violate anything while on trip.
  13. You may want to carry along a credit card because most credit card company offers cheap interest rates and easy repayments on international transactions.
  14. Always carry more travellers’ cheque instead of cash money because it is safer and easily interchangeable at most of the banks worldwide.
  15. But of course bring some cash in case of emergencies they might work your way out.

Travelling is one of the best things you can do in your entire life. You can do this while on leave from work or vacation from school or there are people who work for like a year then will plan to travel for a month or two.

Visiting places and learning new culture are the things that will make your life journey happier. But of course, before going to your chosen destination, you must have a general idea on what to do when travelling. These simple and general tips are summarized from different travelling online sites, travel magazines and tourism archives. These tips can help all the travellers out there,  especially to those who are on their first trip.

About the Author:

Candice Larson travels occasionally and dreaming backpacking in Europe after her busy schedule at work and school.