10 Powerful Secrets Of Professional SEO Article Writers

10 Powerful Secrets Of Professional SEO Article Writers

Most webmasters need content for their websites to include SEO criteria. This is important for the website rating as well as the traffic numbers. Content needs to be fresh and current with relevant keywords included. There are a lot of rules that one needs to adhere to in order for the article to rate high. Without SEO, you might find that your content or website is not found by your target audience.

A lot of article rewriting happens during the process to get the content up to standard, but it is worth the effort. If you are a writer or a blogger, you already know the importance of doing this. Many writers do not know what SEO includes and what should be omitted. Learning from writers who do this on a regular basis can give some insight. That is why we compiled the best secrets from writers who knows what SEO articles should include. Knowing what makes a good SEO writer can help you take your business or website further.

1. Research keywords

Before you start coming up with your own keywords, you might want to start by doing some research. If you use the wrong keywords, it becomes a waste of the effort you are doing. Even though this process might seem tedious at times, it does make a difference. Knowing which keywords are searched for in the niche you are writing about is going to take your article rating up a notch.

2. Know your audience

Articles should be written with your readers in mind. Once you understand what your readers find interesting or helpful, you can compile a list of topics. Writing content that your readers don’t need is going to result in less traffic. You can even go as far as asking your online audience what types of articles they want you to write about. Also pay attention to those articles that gets the most traffic as a guide.

3. Longer articles

Google recognises when you write long articles. This can be anywhere from 1000 words upwards. Some writers do find success with shorter articles, but this should not be the standard if you are trying to grow numbers.

4. Good grammar

There is never going to be a time when bad grammar is acceptable. The more mistakes you have in your article, Google will rate your content and website lower. In order for you to be found on the first few pages on search engines, you need a high rating. You can also find an online content rewriter if you are not sure about your grammatical skills.

5. Editing

When it comes to writing, your first draft is usually not good enough. There needs to be a proofreading and editing session before you hit the publish button. You can easily avoid mistakes that are unnecessary. It can be as small as a typo or a grammatical error.

6. Consistency

Every successful SEO writer understands the importance of being consistent. Without some level of consistency, your audience does not know when you will update again. You are more likely to have a good few visitors check your website on days when they expect you to update. Randomly sending posts out is not an effective way of running a website.

7. Headlines

Without a gripping headline, your article might never be read. This is the first impression you are giving about the content that is to follow. Find rewriting services to work on your headlines if you cannot come up with a good one. Even if your content is of the highest quality, you still want to pay as much attention to your headline.

8. Link building

Even if it is not your job as a writer to build links, it is worth knowing for those who write content for their own websites. Become an authoritative name in your niche and it will allow you to build links with good websites. You need to make sure that you check these links constantly because any bad links can have a reverse affect.

9. No overthinking

This is by far the most important secret when it comes to SEO articles. Do not overthink what you are writing for the sake of a higher rating. This can cause you to sound like a robot and not an actual human being. People connect with other people and you want to make sure that you sound like one.

10. Your own voice

Take SEO out of the equation and you will find your own voice. You can always go in later and enter all the SEO details, but always write in your own voice. This is more relatable and you will make connections with your readers. Writing is all about sharing what you know with other people. You want to share this information in a way that is easily understood by your audience. Being yourself and writing in your own voice is going to get you the success you want.