Young and Active: TOP 8 Popular Playgrounds For Kids In Lisbon

It is not a secret that city holiday is impossible task for many families, especially, if it is holiday with little kids. Destinations, where to eat, how to play, where to play? It is not about Lisbon. This is a capital city, but it is very compact and comfortable.

Means of Transportation

Lisbon metro looks old. Nevertheless, it is well equipped with elevators and escalators. So, if you go metro with baby, try to use elevators, not escalators. It is more comfortable. You do not have to take baby carriage and bring it through the crowd of passengers.

Lisbon boasts with touristic buses, so-called hop on – hop off buses. Of course, this way of travelling is rather banal. Nevertheless, this is the most comfortable way to meet city with your kids. This is a great chance to appoint all interesting places in order to come back tomorrow with kids. You can play with baby and feed them in the bus. Speaking about active kids, in can be interesting to learn the city from the high. Of course, the best variant is renting car in Lisbon. Car is a great opportunity to make stop whenever you want and take as many useful things and toys as you want. Think about it!

Fun at the Park

Active Leisure for Active Kids

As you know, all kids are active. It is important for them to be active and full of energy. Having trip with your kids, it is needful to spend much time outdoors on the jump or run. All kids, including babies, like running, jumping, climbing, and swinging their legs. Of course, you can plan visiting thematic parks, museums, kids’ cafes and restaurants. It is not enough. There is time, when you want to have some rest, comfortably sitting on a bench in the park or forest.

Think about playgrounds. As a rule, you do not make a project of your playing in the playgrounds. It is great if you could meet at least one of them on the go. It is not a problem in Lisbon. The city is full of interesting thematic playgrounds for kids of all ages. It is time to speak about best of the best of them, which are most interesting and pleasant for visiting, especially, if you are in Lisbon for the first time.


Belem Playground

The playground is situated not far from the Mac Donald’s cafe, which is opposite the famous Antiga Confeitaria de Belem (you can taste world-famous pastry Pastel de Belem here). Probably, this is one of the most popular playgrounds. You meet the crowds of tourists here. So, if your kids speak English, they have a good chance to practice it. The playground is situated in the park, but it is not surrounded with trees. Of course, it is hot in summer. Nevertheless, it is a big plus in winter.

Jardim da Estrela Park Playground

The park is amazing place for kids. You can feed ducks and swans, examine strange bushes on your way and walk down the shady alleys. The sense of the playground is high rope construction in the middle. So, this is interesting place for kids of 7-9 years. Of course, there is a cafe in the park. You can have a lunch there, watching after your kids. The coffee is really tasty, as in the whole country. Your little kids are welcomed with fresh juice, ice-cream, and hot sandwiches.

Parque Eduardo VII Playground

This is the place not far from the Botanic Garden. You can easily find it. Of course, the playground is not big. Nevertheless, this place is situated close to the big city cafe. There is nothing better than cup of good coffee and playing children by your side.

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Praca do Principe Real Playground

Meet the small, but interesting and comfortable playground, situated close to Bairro Alto. It is usually called the soul of Lisbon. What else can you see here? There is an amazing tree that is several meters around. It is interesting to see and touch it for kids and their parents.

Praca das Amoreiras Playground

Welcome to the next worthy place in Lisbon. This is a not big, but not small playground. It is full of trees. So, you should come here in summer to have some shade. As a rule, there is a cafe right here. The playground is placed next to the Rato metro station.

Passeio dos Herois do Mar Playground

This playground is situated in Oriente – a region of Expo territory. This place was specially built for big exhibition of 1998. Nevertheless, Oriente is considered to be a big playground by itself. This is the place, where you can easily spend the whole day.

Jardim do Campo Grande Playground

This is the one more place for active kids, which is worth visiting. The park is spread out for many kilometers (a couple of metro stations). It is close to the Lisbon National Library. Going a bit further, on the way to Campo Grande, you come to a nice cozy lake. This is a beautiful place to go boating! Are you hungry? There is a cafe – Casa do Lago. It is difficult to find another picturesque cafe with the lake view. It is crowded even in the weekdays. People like lunching here!

Tobermory playground

There is one more playground that is easy to forget. It is situated close to Mercado da Ribeira – local market. It is small and it is perfect place for young kids (1-3 years). What is more, the Lisbon market was restored and renewed. There is a big restaurant zone here. So, this playground and the restaurant zone near here are the best places for family dinners. So, the hot question Where to eat with kids in Lisbon is solved. This is probably a nice topic for the next article. As you can see, Lisbon is a city for kids and parents, for active families and people, who want to get some piece.

Are you going to have a trip with little children? Lisbon is waiting for you!