You Really Should Be Visiting Oman

Oman is one of the best places to visit on holiday and one of the most underrated. Citizens of the United Arab Emirates have known about how great Oman is for several years, but the rest of the world is just now starting to catch on. The city of Khasab in the eastern corner of Oman was largely inaccessible to outsiders until a coastal road was built, connecting it to the UAE. Now, it is a very popular tourist destination for many different people. Oman is located very close to several other countries, which makes it the perfect place for several cultures to collide. That collision of cultures over hundreds of years has created a very thrilling and exciting tourist destination.

You Really Should Be Visiting Oman


Omani food reflects the influence many different cultures have had on the country. The meals are spaced out slightly differently than the Western World; the main meal of the day is usually eaten at midday. The evening meal is a lighter one. Rukhal is one of the staples of the diet; it is a thin bread baked over an open fire. It is eaten at any and every meal. Meats are at the heart of many of the dishes. Lamb, fish, and chicken are some of the most popular meats. Due to the prevalence of Islam, pork is generally not offered, but you won’t miss it. The mashuai, a spit-roasted kingfish, is one of the most popular main dishes. Many tourists find that they are completely enamoured with the various seafood dishes. As with many countries in the Middle East, alcohol is not available to Muslims. It is often sold at hotel bars and restaurants that cater to non-Muslim tourists, but it might not be available when you go out.

Sports in Oman

Sports fans should be sure to book their holiday with msaoman to coincide with some of the incredible sporting events that go on year-round. The nation, like much of the Middle East, has a very strong love for association football. The country often hosts the Gulf Cup of Nations, which is the international tournament of Gulf States. In addition to football, Oman is known for its thriving tennis scene. Every year, various tennis tournaments for all age groups take place.

The country also features a Tour of Oman cycling race, international tennis tournaments, beach soccer, and handball. In fact, the 2011 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup qualifiers for Asian nations took place in Oman. The very next year, Oman hosted the Beach Handball World Championship.

Oman is known for its thriving culture that combines the best of many different cultures. Due to its location between so many other culture rich nations, it has become a focal point for international sports competitions ranging from handball to association football. If you are planning to visit Oman, you should definitely consider visiting while one of the sporting events are taking place. If you book your Oman tour with a reputable dealer, they should be able to help you figure out which time of the year would be right for you.