Why Singers Should Improve Studio Performance and Get Copyright Clearances?

Some new singers actually have one of those undiscovered million-dollar voices. Unfortunately, they still don’t have the business skills, financial expertise and network of contacts that can help them pave their roads to stardom. But, there are a few ways these singers could do to improve their chances of becoming known nationally, or even internationally. The most important thing that singers need to do is to raise their studio performance. It is a fact that no matter how great our live performances are, we won’t be able to refine our recordings if we have poor studio performance. It is important to raise our studio talents continuously, or we would be just throwing our valuable money and time down the drain.

Many record label executives are only able to listen to our works for about ten seconds, because they need to evaluate hundreds of demos. It means that we should encourage execs to give our demo a second listen, instead of tossing it into the bin. So, it is important to spend much of our effort on our recording and without proper studio performance, we won’t be able to achieve further. In general, there are always rooms for improvements and even popular superstars are trying to improve themselves. Instead of paying a fortune for expensive musical instruments that we may not need, it is better to apply the money to perfect our skill and create an excellent demo.

We should apply for copyright clearance and without it, we are not really singing our own song. In general, people want to get themselves noticed by professionals and consumers. But if want to do that, we should be sure that we have our own unique works. It is true that cover song shows are one of the fastest ways to get early mass exposure, but in the end, singers are valued for their original, interesting songs. Applying for copyright clearance for our songs could be done with little effort, affordably and quickly. In fact, many singers are able to make millions from their original songs. This is an essential thing if we want to get a big break. At this stage, people don’t know us yet and they need to know about things that separate us uniquely.

Singers are able to have a great performance of their original songs after attaining and clearing legal rights to do such a thing. Clearing copyrights should be quite cheap and in some cases, it won’t take more than $20 for each song. After copyrights aspects are cleared, these songs are available for sale and we could incorporate them inside online sources. In a matter of hours, or even seconds, our initial investment in copyright process would be recouped. In the digital era, it is more important for singers and songwriters to secure their intellectual ownership of their songs. It is true because MP3 and other video files can be distributed easily and played on any mobile device.