Why Hire Lodges Are Ideal For Honeymoons

If you are a couple looking to get married or if you have recently tied the knot but didn’t have a chance to go on honeymoon, you may want to consider staying closer to home.

There are all manner of options available when it comes to booking a honeymoon and they don’t all have to include pricey all-inclusive trips abroad or adventure holidays you have to re-mortgage your home for.

Staying in the UK and hiring a luxury lodge can be a fantastic way to spend your honeymoon. Not only will you be able to enjoy more for less, but you will also have fun together, exploring an unknown corner of the country.

Read on to see just some of the reasons why hire lodges are ideal for honeymoons.

Enjoy Privacy, Peace and Quiet

The secluded locations so popular for hire lodges are a major part of their appeal. Though they are usually located within a reasonable distance of towns, amenities and attractions, parks offering lodge hire are more often than not set in the heart of the countryside. Of course, there are a few coastal options available, but the vast majority are located amidst stunning natural settings with lots of lush green surroundings to explore and enjoy. What’s more is that rural locations miles from anywhere also offer a sense of seclusion, letting newlyweds enjoy a peaceful honeymoon that suits them.

Whether you opt for a lodge by the lake or a cosy cabin in the woods, being far away from the rest of the world can work wonders. Not only is a private setting more romantic than a busy chain hotel, it also offers plenty of peace and quiet which means you can actually enjoy the holiday and take it as a chance to rest and relax so you feel refreshed when you go home and start married life together.

Live a Life of (Subtle) Luxury

Much of the time, lavish and expensive honeymoons are thought to be the norm, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Luxury does not have to be over the top or overly expensive. A self-catering honeymoon in a luxury hire lodge can offer all the home comforts you would expect with a subtle, rather than statement-making elegance.

A luxury log cabin will be fully equipped with all the mod-cons you could need to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. In fact, you will likely find yourself feeling more comfortable in a hire cabin than you would in a trendy all-inclusive hotel where it is more difficult to relax. Really, how can you relax when you’re too busy being afraid of leaving fingerprints on all of the contemporary glass surfaces and acutely aware that the majority of the soft furnishings cost more than you earn in a year?

No, you will be far better off enjoying the subtle yet homely luxury afforded by a log cabin. That way you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Benefit From a Budget-Friendly Break

Weddings are expensive business. From the minute you buy an engagement ring to the very last cake decoration, you risk spending thousands (and sometimes tens of thousands) on your Big Day. Paying an extortionate amount for an all-inclusive, all-singing all-dancing honeymoon will only add to the stress as it eats up your budget. Luckily, you can enjoy the same escape and romantic experience by booking a luxury, but more pocket-friendly honeymoon at a log cabin in the UK.

Stepping away from the swimwear and staying in the UK for your honeymoon may not be you first choice, but the benefits of this option far outweigh anything you may feel you’re “missing out” on by not going abroad. Think of all the money you will save by not booking flights, taxis, travel insurance and a hundred and one other travel expenses. Now think of what else you could put that money towards; perhaps you could do a little more with the wedding itself, or you could save up for a deposit on a new marital home or car. As if this financial benefit wasn’t enough, the stunning scenery and interesting experiences on offer in the UK promise to make your at-home honeymoon just as exciting and memorable as any you could have had further afield – and you’ll have the extra spending money to actually do things whilst you’re there! So save money and avoid the hassle of honeymooning abroad and book a luxury log cabin holiday instead.

Get Lost in Lovely Locations and Stunning Scenery

The natural setting of a hire lodge is one of the reasons it is such a romantic and appealing option. Whilst the secluded locations aid privacy and peacefulness, there is so much more that can be gained from honeymooning close to nature with such a beautiful backdrop. First of all, spending your honeymoon enjoying the picturesque British countryside means you can appreciate how aesthetically pleasing chocolate-box villages and rolling green scenery is (not to mention how romantic it is). Secondly, having the great outdoors right on your doorstep gives you plenty of opportunity to explore and try out new activities; cycling, hiking and water sports being just a few of the ways you can keep yourself occupied.

Of course, if you feel that you need rest days full of culture and shopping alongside all of that adventure and exploration, you will be pleased to know that many of the UK’s hire lodges are set in rural locations but in close proximity to bustling market towns. Such a prime location will make for a great experience and combined with the stunning scenery, will make for wonderful memories.

Try and Keep the Tradition Going

As newlyweds, there will be a lot of new things to adjust to. As well as the normal teething pains though, there will be plenty of opportunity to create new ways of doing things and lots of scope to start new traditions together. Honeymooning is a longstanding wedding tradition that starts married life off right. The romantic trip away doesn’t have to be a one-time, post-nuptial thing though.

You can treat your luxury lodge honeymoon as the first (and probably most special) trip in what can be a lifetime of annual romantic getaways.

There is always an excuse to escape everyday life and enjoy a romantic break with your loved one; birthday, anniversaries, special occasions or just because. So why not start a tradition of your own where you and your loved one go back to the lodge where it all began, every year? You can have it as a couple’s retreat, as somewhere to take your future family and in some cases, you can even buys luxury log cabins and spend your retirement living well in the great outdoors. That way, the joy of your honeymoon can be relived year on year, giving you both something to look forward to and memories to last a lifetime.   

There you have just a few of the ways a luxury log cabin in the UK can make your honeymoon a truly wonderful experience. Of course, your final decision will depend on your personal preferences and, to some degree, when your wedding is. It is always nice to know your options though – and this is definitely one worth knowing!