Why are Architects Loving Bi-Folding Doors?

When there is a trend within an industry, it is usually those who are creative that pick up on it first, with social media it was once all about hashtags and infographics and now it’s about pictures and selfies. Before you know it there will be a new craze!

In design however, most new crazes last a bit longer, with new modern designs with elegance and additional benefits now ruling the roost. What this has meant is that architects from around the globe have been able to be creative with these features and, more than ever, meet the demands for superb open spaces and creations.

The current craze is for aesthetically pleasing designs which provide way more than just good looks, but outstanding home benefits. One of the easiest and more popular ways is through the addition of aluminium bi-folding doors.

Their concertina effect, created when the door completely folds back, offers the complete free movement between internal and external living pace. This has many benefits:

  • Drawing the eye line away from a fixed point to make the room look larger
  • By removing any barrier you can maximise internal and external space
  • Far more socialable and can be used to effect double or even triple the entertaining area

However it is way more than just the size and opening space that architects are loving about the doors. It also allows them creativity when it comes to cost reduction and natural light.

When combined with roof lanterns or lighting, bi-folding doors can help make a room incredibly well lit, all by natural lighting sources. This can have huge benefits when it comes to happiness, health and productivity. Also, Architects can use the doors to make a room multifunctional. With great sound and thermal insulation, the room can become a space for band practice, a children’s play room or much more, without the fear of neighbours being upset. When open, they could also be the perfect accompaniment for shows or inside/outside play. All these reasons make it obvious why architects are using the doors more frequently in any new home build.

Depending on the type of home you have you can also get similar benefits form other doors like sliding or patio but what you are unable to do is fully open up the room, which is often the feel and lifestyle look architects are aiming to achieve.

With this in mind, it is little wonder that architects all over the UK are aligning themselves with bi-folding door companies like Clear View Bi-folding Doors in Yorkshire. Because they offer the complete end to end solution and have an experienced team, architects are able to work closely with them through every stage, knowing their designs will become a reality.

So if you are looking to entrust the skills or an architect and want these added benefits within your home design, ask for bi-folding doors. If you are an architect, to meet the demands of clients, it is likely you will already know what doors to choose!