Where Are The Best Places To Sell DVDs Online?

Whether you’re looking to raise some extra cash to pay the bills, or just need the extra room, selling your DVDs is a great way to get some funds.

Without doubt, the online community offers the best opportunity to sell your discs, and there’s a great range of places you could try to sell your wares.

But before you get ready to make your first sale, we take a closer look at your options and consider where are the best places to sell DVDs online.

Auction Sites

Your first inclination to sell the DVDs may be to head to an auction site like EBay, because of the vast number of transactions which are completed every day.

It’s certainly true that EBay attracts great swathes of buyers in every category, but there’s a very good chance that you could end up out of pocket or with more hassle than you anticipated.

Firstly, if you want to sell your DVDs individually – and to get the best price, you’ll want to do this – you’ll need to create a listing per disc. This can be an incredibly laborious process, and if you have a lot of items to list, could eat away the hours.


You don’t have to upload a photo but items without photos often fail to secure a sale. This is because without a photo, buyers will feel nervous about whether you really have the item that you claim, and the condition that it’s in.

Where Are The Best Places To Sell DVDs Online

And of course, uploading a photo on each listing means the process will take even longer.

It can be difficult to sell DVDs as although there’s still a market, it’s by no means as active as it was a decade ago. Therefore, unless the discs you’re offering are particularly rare or recent, you may find it hard to drum up any interest from buyers.

The other factor to bear in mind is the likely fees you will incur from using sites like EBay. You’ll have to pay costs for simply listing your item, and if you opt for specific features – such as a reserve price – you will have to pay extra. If you’re lucky enough to sell your item, your buyer will probably want to pay via PayPal, an option which protects both of you. Unfortunately it also means extra fees will be deducted. In the UK, it’s 20p per transaction plus a fixed percentage. If you sell your DVDs individually to separate buyers, the total cost of EBay and PayPal charges could really mount up.

Local Selling Sites

To escape the pain of listing charges and PayPal fees, you could choose to list your DVDs on a local selling site.

This does provide the advantage of not having to post the item as buyers will expect you to either deliver or to come and collect from your home.

Quite apart from the hassle of having to create the listing and upload photos, this expectation might cause a problem. You may – very understandably! – be reluctant to hand out your address to strangers as having people knocking on your door can be intrusive and inconvenient.

There’s also a much higher chance that you could get messed around. Selling on local pages normally means cash on delivery, and there’s a much bigger risk that the buyer simply won’t turn up.

Recycling Sites

You may be less familiar with this option but it will save you a lot of time, hassle and guarantees you an immediate buyer.

A DVD recycling company buys your DVDs from you, providing you with an immediate quote which you can decide to accept or decline. All you need to do is enter the barcode number on their website and you’ll receive the value immediately. This may be slightly lower than you’d hope to get on EBay or by flogging them on local selling sites, but you will be able to get your cash straight away and you’re guaranteed a sale.

In addition, you won’t have to swallow the costly EBay and PayPal fees so that actually, the price is even more competitive than it first appears!

You don’t need to create an advert, nor upload photos. Simply accept the quote online and then package up your DVDs and send them off. Within 24 hours of receipt, a cheque will be winging its way to you.


Without question, the best place to sell DVDs online is through a recycling firm. You won’t be wasting any time by creating listings that don’t sell and you won’t have the hassle of writing out descriptions, taking photographs or dealing with buyer enquiries. For sales which allow you to make an instant profit, use one of the online DVD recycling sites today.